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“I only want mommy to dress me” is a common request from many a toddler.  Whether it’s a daily routine like getting dressed, taking a bath or being put to bed, a child’s determination that “only mommy can do it!” can leave dad feeling rejected and mom feeling SO TIRED.

Children might become more interested in one particular parent for a variety of reasons. It may be that, in terms of personality, a child might wind up preferring one parent to the other. If one parent is full of energy all the time, an energetic toddler might be more drawn to them. Another cause of a toddler preferring one parent to the other can be the old saying that familiarity fosters contempt. If one parent stays home with the child all day long, the toddler might get much more excited when the other parent is around, just because he or she doesn’t get to see that parent as much as he does the other.

When you notice your toddler preferring one parent to the other, you should take some time to try to figure out why this is the case. If you are the parent that is not preferred, watch her activities and interests. Also watch how you tend to react to these. Also, this is a good time to teach your child what unconditional parental love means.

If this sounds familiar, read on for tips on how to cope if you’re not winning the popularity contest for your baby’s affection.

  1. Accept It.
    Like anything else in life, acceptance is KEY! It is most likely a phase, and not an uncommon one at that. Soon Daddy or Mommy will be jealous of the other. J
  2. Talk about It.
    If you genuinely have hurt feelings over the issue, talk to your spouse about it. Avoid blaming your hubby because he didn’t cause the situation, and in all truth, he probably feels overwhelmed and super tired.
  3. Know that you’re not alone.
    No matter how you may feel, rest assured that you are not the first parent to feel rejected by your little one.

However you decide to deal with your feelings about the current situation, know that it is not your fault. It’s a quite natural phase that your baby or toddler will eventually outgrow. And hey, don’t we all want a little down time anyways as parents?

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This post came to us from our design intern extraordinaire, Krystle.

When I was younger, my dad used to take my sister and I to Buchanan Field Airport to watch the airplanes land and take- off. I remember seeing the small planes come and go through endless blue sky and thought of how fascinating it would be to fly. Now, many years later, I look into the eyes of my two little ones and see the same look of amazement.

Devin looked at home on the airfield in his Le Top "Take Flight" fall 2011 waffle weave shirt and corduroy pant set, along with the matching faux leather aviator jacket

Devin, my 5 year-old son, attends Concord Preschool at Baldwin Park, California. His teachers also shared this experience of the airport with their own children, and wanted share it with their students as well…so, they coordinated their very first field trip to the airport!. 

Chloe, my 3 year-old daughter, Devin and I met his class at a playground that sits on the edge of the runway. It consists of a few picnic tables, a “play” airplane and tower, a huge airfield painting on the ground, and bleachers…all within a gated area where the kids can run free. Right away, Devin ran off to pretend he was an airplane with his friends. Chloe, being her shy self, stayed by my side and watched the others with curiosity.

After about 30 minutes of playtime, all if the children gathered on the bleachers to listen to the airport guide explain the safety rules. The classy eagerly formed a single file line behind they teacher so that they could pass through the gate onto the actual runway.

On the runway, there were 3 model vehicles; a small red airplane, a huge Osh Kosh striker fire truck and a military helicopter. First, they looked at the airplane and each little pilot got a turn to sit in the cockpit and pretend to take off. Next, they went to the florescent yellow fire truck with extra big off-roading tires and listened to a fireman explain his duties on the field. They stood in line so one-by-one they could peek inside the enormous engine. Then, last but not least, they walked over to the helicopter where they got to climb a ladder inside and feel what it’s like to ride in a powerful machine that helps protect our country. With a big smile on his face, Devin sat in the pilot’s seat and waved at us through the window.

After all of the excitement, everyone got little hungry so we headed back to the playground for snack time. They enjoyed their bagged lunches of string cheese, grapes, Cheez-its and Capri Sun, while watching planes touch down on the runway. When they were all refueled, the kids disbursed once again. Even Chloe warmed up a bit and found her spot in the pilot’s seat of the play airplane.

I was very happy to share this experience with my kids. After years of seeing planes fly above our house, they were finally able to see where they were coming from. They learned about airplanes, safety, community, and most of off all, how to let their imaginations fly free.

Chloe couldn't be happier in her Le Top "Pocket Full of Posies" corduroy drop waist dress and tights

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Photo by Antoine Verglas

Law & Order: SVU star, Mariska Hargitay, told People magazine that she and her husband, actor Peter Hermann, have adopted a baby girl.

Amaya Josephine was born about a week ago and is from the United States. The whole family was part of the naming process but in the end it was an adaption of Hargitay’s favorite girl’s name, Maya. 

“I like that name, but I wanted her to have the same initials as August,” the actress said. “I thought adding the ‘A’ was so feminine. Amaya sounded so open and feminine and beautiful — just like her.” 

The couples’ son, 4½ year-old August, is beyond excited about his new little sis.

“He is over the moon,” says the actress. “He calls her his baby because he says the whole thing was his idea. He always talks about how he’s going to protect her. He’s going to be a great big brother.”

So CUTE! We couldn’t be happier for you.

Don’t you think Amaya would look stunning in Rabbitmoon’s “Empress” Floral Kimono Dress and matching Floral Bloomers

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