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This silly holiday gives everyone in the family an excuse to set the clocks forward an hour or stick a fake bug in daddy’s slipper. Try the following gags to put everyone in an uproar today.

1.    Can you hear me now???
Tape down the phone button so the person who picks up the receiver will think the line is dead. 


2.    NYC’s Little Friend – Bug out!
Place a big ol’ fake roach in the slipper of the family member who’s likely to scream the loudest.

3.    Wake Up!
Set someone’s alarm clock an hour early. Or set a bunch of clocks to go off at the same time, and hide them around the room for a noisy wake-up call.

4.    Change your Voicemail…
Confuse callers by leaving the following outgoing message on your answering machine: “Hello? [pause] Hello? [pause] Is anyone there? [pause] April Fools’!”


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