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We just couldn’t pass up posting these two super cuties. These friends look like they were having such a blast getting their faces painted, palling around and hamming it up at their summer shindig. Doesn’t it make you want to be a kid again? 🙂 Congratulations to Spencer and Sophia for being our Le Top Darlings of the Day!

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Many moms are up late on the computer browsing the internet for any sort of cure or treatment to help a colicky baby. Many parents try loads of remedies they learn of, but are still driven mad by it.

Next time your protesting, colicky baby has you wavering on the edge of sleep-deprived insanity, consider a cup of herbal tea. For who? Not you! For the baby!

Baby colic is a common condition, affecting as many as a quarter of young infants. Yet the underlying reasons remain mysterious, and there are no safe and effective treatments.

Fortunately, the crying — which can last for hours every day — usually disappears when the baby is a few months old, and the condition is harmless, experts say.

A new report, published in the journal Pediatrics, summarizes all the complementary and alternative medicines as well as nutritional supplements for colic — including herbal extracts, sugar water, probiotics, massage and reflexology.

Tea –made with chamomile, licorice, fennel and balm mint– was one of the most effective treatments for relieving symptoms of colic, according to this new Pediatrics study, which reviewed 15 randomized clinical trials of alternative treatments for infantile colic.

The study analyzed trials that included various types of treatment and found the most encouraging results came from treatments using herbal remedies and sugar solutions, while the least effective results came from treatments involving manipulation and probiotic supplements.

There were some signs that fennel had a positive effect. For instance, one study found that 65 percent of babies who got fennel seed oil dissolved in water before meals were cured of their colic. That compared to 24 percent of those who just got water.

The study stated:

The difficulty in finding an effective treatment is related to our lack of understand of IC (infantile colic). Its pathophysiology is unclear; food allergies, formula intolerance, immaturity of gastrointestinal tract, excessive gas formation or intestinal cramping have all been suggested as possible etiologies. Arguably, any rational treatment should be directed at the mechanisms of the disease itself.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the study is how the authors explain what many exhausted parents already know – that it’s hard to know how to treat colic because colic itself is such a wily beast. But the studies were few and far between, and none of the studies were scientifically solid, the researchers found.

All and all, despite these new studies – I say your baby just needs a lot of Tender Love and Care (TLC). What do you do to help your colicky baby?

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After writing the post on “Raising a Reader,” I started to think about all the books my mom read to us when I was a kid. I, like any kid, definitely had my favorites. Instead of listing them all, I thought I would share some of my very favorites. It has been over 25 years since I read a lot of my childhood favorite books, and I now find myself browsing the local book store for them (once again) to share with my son. Some have been easier than others to find, as the children’s literature department has grown leaps and bounds. While seeking out for the ‘classics,’ I get excited to learn what the new children’s best-seller books are. Please let us know what your favorite books were as a child and what great new books you have found for your kids and grandkids!

Kristin’s Top 5 Children’s Books:

  1. “The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Very Hungry Bear” by Audrey and Don Wood
  2. “The Pokey Little Puppy” by Janette Sebring Lowery
  3. “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown
  4. “Thingumajig Book of Manners” by Irene Keller
  5. I love to help Mommy (really I don’t remember what name of the book is but that is what it was about. 😉

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Photo Courtesy Of: INF

Cheers to one of the most in-demand super models, Eva Herzigová, and her new baby boy, Phillip, who was born on Sunday March 13th in London’s Portland Hospital. Phillip will join his big brother George, 3-years-old and other elder son Gregorio Marsiaj. This adorable Le Top Baby “Set Sail!” collection sleeveless sailor one-piece would be so cute for her new addition. 

Le Top Baby "Set Sail!" collection sleeveless sailor one-piece

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No, I did not say that!

That’s the last time I build a leprechaun trap! Those little mischief makers made a big mess and I have to clean it up!”

– Miranda, age 6

Editor’s Note:
Please spread the giggles by sharing your funny quotes with us!

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On a recent family road trip we were stuck in our car for many hours. Time seems to travel very slowly when you’re all cooped up. One way to pass the time more quickly is with a game (or two). I thought coming up with a game for a pre-schooler would be easy, but my little girl didn’t seem to like my ideas of counting red cars or the like. Instead, she decided to come up with a few on her own. I thought I’d share them with you in case your little one might also like them. We had four very cooperative adults and one 4-year-old playing, but the games can be adjusted for more or less car participants.

Spongebob fill-in-the-blank pants
Lilah happens to adore the character Spongebob so she had each of us say “Spongebob,” a word, then “pants”. For example: “Spongebob Fancy Pants” or “Spongebob Cow Pants” or “Spongebob supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Pants”. We had to do this in a specific order and then we would all laugh at whatever the person said whether it was funny or not. Then the next person would go. You could not repeat a word. We played this for over an hour. We constantly had to come up with something new and the time moved more quickly. When she tired of this we moved on to…

Handy Manny
This game was very similar, but you fill in the blank with a number or a letter. For example: “Handy Manny C” or “Handy Manny 1234.” Our numbers were getting out of hand. They turned into “Handy Manny 1 thousand 4 hundred 52 18 4 72 999.58885.123.123.222”. My dad started using fractions and my daughter’s numbers would take 5 minutes just to say. 🙂 For the slightly older kids, if they say a letter you could also have them say a word that starts or ends with it and/or use it in a sentence.

The last game we played was Diego. Are you sensing a trend here?

Diego’s musical instruments
For this game we had to say “Diego” and then say the name of a musical instrument. I don’t know about you, but this game could be very short unless all of you have an extensive list or musical instruments in your mind. This quickly turned into my mom telling my daughter a musical instrument and each of us saying it with our own spin. One person might pronounce it with a different em-PHA-sis on the SYLL-A-bles or someone else might say “drum” and then pretend they were drumming. You of course could do this with anything; colors, shapes, bugs, or animals.

The point is pick something your kids would like to say and get their brains engaged. It was also great fun for the adults because we all got to be “kids.”

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After all that wiggling and the loose tooth still not falling out, Grampa Joe came to the rescue. With a piece of floss and a little tug, that little baby tooth went flying up in the air, hit the wall and bounced somewhere in the living room. Miranda was too busy laughing to realize that she was bleeding from where her tooth was. The Tooth Fairy came for a visit, and she was very generous! She gave Miranda a spinning toothbrush and a five-dollar bill since the first tooth was a special one. Finally, Miranda can go to school and write her name on the tooth chart at school! Yippee! Then my daughter completely surprised me. She decided to donate her tooth money to Operation Rice Bowl because she said she wanted to help the poor during Lent. I’m so proud of her.

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Some folks think that California is just one big sun drenched beach, but that is not the case, especially lately, and my family took advantage of that. On a recent impromptu day trip to the mountains, we had a chance to play in the white fluffy stuff. Since we only seem to make it there about once or twice a year it’s always special, especially with a little one whose last memory of it was a whole year before.

1) Putting a nose on the snowman 2) Sledding with Mom 3) Measuring the snow wall

We met up with some cousins that are locals in Tahoe City, California. We only had about an hour or so to play, but with a borrowed sled, we hiked through the snow off the side of the road. Through dumb luck we found a run that someone had already made with twists and turns. My husband tried it out first to make sure it was okay for the little kids and then the fun began. Lilah went down at least 20 times and each time pulled the sled back up the hill on her own since both daddy and I were taking turns at the top (helping her on the sled) or bottom (helping her up). We even did a few runs with her. She caught air more than once, but always landed in the soft snow. Maybe I should have brought a helmet. Next Time! Whenever she complained of being “too tired” to pull the sled up the hill, we told her that if she wanted to play, SHE had to pull it. No pain, no gain is how I was raised! I guess the excitement overcame her exhaustion UNTIL she asked to go home. It was so much fun! Hopefully the snow will last a bit longer and we can do another quick trip.

1) Lilah and Daddy after a wipe out 2) Putting Lilah to work

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Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Giants quarterback Eli Manning, 30, welcomed a baby girl with wife Abby on Monday, March 21.

Baby girl Ava Frances wasn’t due until April but arrived early, weighing 7-pounds, 4-ounces. This is the couple’s first child.

The college sweethearts married in April 2008 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. According to the NY Post, the couple has expanded their home by adding a “baby wing” to accommodate their new family member. Congratulations to Eli and Abby!

You know this baby will be gorgeous. We think our Rabbitmoon “Geranium” capri jumpsuit would complement her beautifully this spring!

Rabbitmoon "Geranium" capri jumpsuit

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Whether you are a mom, dad, babysitter, relative or grandparent trying to feed your toddler at the table, it can be a challenge because kids at this age are very squirmy. Here are some creative tips to keep them happy at the dinner table and in their chair eating:

  1. Be creative with toddler utensils. For example, give your kids a garlic press to puree some of their own dinner.
  2. Let them play with a cookie cutter, whisk or lidded containers with food inside of them (this entertains them while you are at the table so you can get a quick bite in too!)
  3. Keep a small stash of plastic toys ready that you can put onto the high chair tray as your child’s interest in the food begins to go downward.
  4. Play farm animals – ask your toddler to pretend to be an animal who can “eat some of his or her meal.
  5. Use plastic cars or trucks to drive up to the food (fill the truck, such as a dump truck, with food and “drive” it into a pile for him or her to eat.
  6. Lastly, consider eating in your toddler’s favorite spot. If your child eats with you at the dinner table every night, why not switch it up and eat at his or her play area once in awhile or perhaps have a “special night” not in the high chair as a treat! 🙂

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