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We hope you enjoyed part one of our Marcy Maloy interview on our blog from February 16th. Marcy just returned from her fabulous trip from Paris and was able to speak to us further about some of reader questions about how she found her talent for photography, getting a “D” in art class, her inspiration, and some of the rewarding factors in photographing children. Read more to find out!


What is the most rewarding factor in photographing children’s fashion?
Marcy: I realized fairly quickly that I had a special rapport with kids…we seem to speak the same language. I can look into the eyes of a baby and make a wordless connection. That is very cool and rewarding. I love to play. I love making up non-sensical scenes and stories with kids and it doesn’t matter to them (or to me) if they don’t make sense. So that is fun.

I like making people happy, and when it all works and the child feels confident and empowered, the parents are proud, my client is happy, my crew feels tight and proud of a job well done, it’s really wonderful — the exhilarating euphoric sense we all have at the end of a shoot…and that is rewarding!

Tell us about yourself – how did you get into photography or what was your calling? And how many years have you been a photographer?
Marcy: It’s odd because I didn’t realize I was “artistic” or visually inclined in any way till I was almost 30! I took a required art class in high school, but got a “D” because I talked too much in class! I had no interest in painting or light…it’s strange because I have such a passion for it now. I was a stewardess with American Airlines for 5 years and then worked at the US Embassy in Paris for the DIA. It was there that a friend loaned me his camera for a whole day and told me to just go shoot and “play”…a strange concept for me because growing up, my parents would only take 1 or 2 pictures at a time on special occasions. I shot 2 rolls of film and I was hooked! I’ll never forget the moment when I went to pick up my film at the Photo Lab on Boulevard St. Germain and the French woman said in her very thick accent. “I sink you have a verrrry gooooode eye!” that was it…that was my turning point…From that moment on I decided I was now going  to be a photographer…whatever that meant…I wasn’t sure…but I definitely decided it was for me!

I spent 3 years at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and came to San Francisco to begin my new life…but that is another chapter.

Give us an inside look into your studio – can you share a picture of your studio and can you describe it?
Marcy: Up until about 10 years ago I had a 2,000 square foot studio, but then because of the .com industry, my studio rent doubled overnight and I realized I didn’t really need a big studio. Now I run my business out of my office out of my home in San Francisco and I rent a large studio when I need one. I have a full time studio manager and I hire freelancers to be my photo assistants on an as needed basis.

For very small jobs I have a large room with high ceilings in my house that works fine.

This photo was taken in my living room/studio.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a professional photographer today?
Marcy: Stick to the part of photography that makes you most happy because passion for something really does give you the fuel you need to keep going…and keep a positive attitude.

When we are preparing the lighting in the studio I use a stand-in…here is my assistant Charles throwing “Bridget” up in the air. The ramp he is sitting on is to create a feeling of a hill for the little boy (top photo) to run down.

 My Dad always told me that the key to success was just to “get out of bed in the morning and get to work! Keep at it!”



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Photo: FAME

Violet Nash, daughter of R&B singer Christina Milian and singer/music producer Terius “The-Dream” Nash was welcomed into the world one year ago tomorrow, February 26th. We think Violet would look lovely in rabbitmoon’s ‘empress collection’ tiered dress with flutter sleeves and the matching floral bloomer for a spring day in the park. We wish Violet a birthday filled with fun!

Rabbitmoon 'empress collection' tiered dress and floral bloomers

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Boys will be boys! It can be hard to find cool and cute boys clothes, whether it be a store or online…but have you heard of TheBoysStore.Biz? It is one of our FAVORITE online premier store retailers who carry all boys clothes online! Too good to be true? We got the scoop on the inspiration behind online boutique owner, Suzanne Remington, and what is in store for this spring season – for you!

The Boy’s Store

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What is one special or fun fact about your e-store that a typical customer wouldn’t know?
Suzanne: Every order is shipped with a hand-written thank you note and a small gift such as a toy, a craft item, stickers for the little boy (or boys) in addition to his new clothes.

2.    What inspired you to get involved in an online store for kids?
Suzanne: Right out of high school I was trained as a dressmaker and had dreams of being a designer. I moved to the US to attend Fashion Design School but had to give up my dreams, as I could not afford the cost of tuition on top of my daily living expenses. Several years later, after getting married and having children; I became very frustrated at the lack of clothing option for boys. I still had a zeal for fashion and found myself unable to dress my son in a manner that pleased me. After spending countless hours trying to find him a decent pair of swim trunks; I decided to take matters in my own hands and The Boy’s Store became my new passion. Being successful as an entrepreneur in any field, retailing, selling a service such as marketing or graphic arts takes tenacity and passion; without passion the constant challenges to your wits could drive you to just quit.  

3.    What sets you apart as a successful online children’s shop?
Suzanne: I was fortunate to have trained in dressmaking. This gives me an “edge” as I am familiar with the process of making clothing as well as the manufacturing of fiber and fabric, the dyeing processes…This knowledge allows me to be very critical of an item on quality, durability, finishing touches. We all want our children to look good, but not at the expense of not being able to wash and wear an item for an extended period of time. I want to provide my customers with boys clothing they will love to dress their boys in and also will become their boys favorite item to wear. 

4.    What is the funniest request you have received from an online parent customer?
Suzanne: I once had a parent call and ask if it would be possible to rent a backhoe. I am still wondering what would have happened if I had said “yes”. 

5.    Why did you choose to only carry boys’ clothing and not girls’ clothing? Do you plan on opening a boutique for only girls’ clothing?
Suzanne: Girls are extremely fortunate; there is a plethora of choices in clothing, accessories, shoes and more for them. Boys get the short end of the stick; most stores will carry a limited number of items for boys out of fear to be left with unsellable stock. I opened The Boy’s Storeto fill a need, to dress my son in durable, fashionable clothing and knowing from talking to other mothers of boys that I certainly was not the only one frustrated with the lack of choices carried by major retailers. I have no plans to open a girls’ only boutique. I admire those shop owners who do; as I would not know what to pick among with so many designers and manufacturers catering to girls. 

6.    Tell us the top 3 boys’ spring trends.
Suzanne: When I attended the San Francisco tradeshow last August; I was pleasantly surprise to find that manufacturers and designers are still bringing bright colors into the boys clothing.

  • Purple is gaining popularity and orange is still a real strong color for boys.
  • Organic and green products are gaining ground in popularity too. I loved the close attention paid to every little detail.
  • An increasing number of tag-less shirts, softer and durable fabrics are all trends I would like to see become a norm.

7.    What tip would you give to a parent dressing a child this coming spring and how to pick the “right” outfit online?
Suzanne: I think as parents we often fret too much over having our child look just so. Allow your child to express himself through his clothing choices; remember you are still setting limitations by purchasing items that please you. To me there is really no right or wrong outfit, you can mix and match, or just pick items that look soft and comfortable. Your child will be sure to let you know when he is displeased with his look; especially if teased by his peers. Let him make his own choices as long as he is not under dressed or over dressed for the weather conditions.

8.    What questions do most mommies or daddies ask when buying for their child online?
Suzanne: The most common questions I receive concern sizing and fit. From time to time I do get questions about the feel of an item. Most online shoppers are familiar with the brands I carry and have their preferences which brings questions to a minimum most are regarding returns and exchanges policies.

9.    Tell us about any special online events or promotions that you have planned at your online store and fun deals we can expect.
Suzanne: I run The Boy’s Store more like the shops I remember as a child growing up in Switzerland. Twice a year I hold a major sale with most items discounted by 75%; members on my mailing list get advance notification so that they can have first choice on some great deals on popular brands like Appaman, Wes and Willy, Mulberribush and Dogwood. As much as possible I try not to promote the sale of the day, week…  I prefer to concentrate on providing great service, fast shipping and less frequent but valuable sales. I tend to cater to my regular and loyal customers by offering them through my mailing list, new product notifications, promotions and discounts on a regular basis (every 3 weeks or so).

10.    Are you an active social media person? Why? Tell us 3 tips you use for online social media that a parent might want to know.
Suzanne: I spend some time every day on Twitter and Facebook. I also maintain a few other “social type” of sites in order to keep in contact with my customers. I think as an online retailer it is vital to keep in touch with your customers to better understand their needs and wishes.

11.    What collection or piece from Le Top do you love from the Spring 2011?
Suzanne: My favorite Spring 2011 item by Le Top is the Chameleon Camouflage Collection Shortall and Striped Shirt Set.

Le Top ‘Chameleleon Camouflage’ stripe shirt and shortall set with the matching explorer hat.

The Boy’s Store

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