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I was back in California recently for my nephew/godson, Otto’s, 6th birthday party! It was at a fun bouncy house (who doesn’t do them these days? They are so much fun!) and my sister said that she had to keep an eye on two kids whose parents dropped off their kids. I thought this was interesting because most of the birthday parties I go to in New York, the parents come and stay and watch over their own children. It made me question, what is the appropriate age to drop off your kid and is it a burden to the parent/host of the party or is it a good way for any parents to get a 2 hour break (sounds good to me, right?)?

It seems that beginning in pre-school, EVERY weekend is packed with birthday parties at gyms, art classes, sports facilities and more around town. At most birthday parties, upon arrival you just release the children and watching them go! When my sister was recently looking after two kids (from different families) at Otto’s party, it made me wonder when it is appropriate (or preferred) for a parent to drop off their kids and return an hour or two later to pick them up. At her party, the majority of the kids who were attending (around 40) all had some sort of chaperon or parent there for them.

Growing up, I remember carpooling to parties with other neighborhood friends. Usually one parent would drive us there and then our own parents would come to pick us up. My parents loved it! It allowed them free time to do what they wanted while I was off having a good time. Today, it seems to me that parents feel like they are expected to come to a birthday soiree (and to be fed too!).

Personally I think it is fine to have parents attend and watch over their kids. I think the appropriate age to drop off a child is if they are potty trained and have been left alone before with a babysitter for example so that they don’t have separation anxiety and leave the parent/host in a lurch. Let us know your thoughts! We would love to hear them.

Here are some pictures of my sister and Otto, Otto with his crown, and Otto’s brother (my youngest nephew) Wade playing in the bouncy house!

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Photo by: Maury Phillips/WireImage

Something is in the air in Hollywood. Each day there is a new surprise of who is expecting! Just yesterday evening actress Selma Blair and her fashion designer boyfriend, Jason Bleick, announcedthey are expecting their first child.  Blair, 38, and Bleick, founder and creative director for EVER fashion line, met while collaborating for the brand and have been dating about a year. This is sure to be one fashionable kiddo! We think this Le Top Baby Petit Duckling reversible double blankie would be perfect as a congratulatory gift.  


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Oh, boy! My baby is growing up. He’s hit another milestone. Paulo is 21 months, not quite two years old, but my husband and I have decided to move him into a regular bed. Our daughter was probably about the same age, but I’m not an expert. I’m not quite sure when the right time is to transition your toddler from a crib to a bed. BabyCenter says “sometime between ages 1-1/2 and 3-1/2,” stating that “it’s best to wait until your child is closer to 3.” I’m within the range but I decided to use mommy instincts on this one.

Usually I can leave my son in the crib while I go brush my teeth, wash my hands, or even just a couple steps to his closet to pick out what Le Top outfit to put him in. However the past couple of months, he’s gotten so active that when I turn around he’s already got one leg hoisted over the crib and the second leg spring-loaded ready to propel himself in mid-air. So before he seriously injures himself, my husband and I decided to move him to his first bed.

For safety, we put the bed mattress directly on the floor instead of putting the mattress on a bed frame so that he is closer to the ground. To keep him from rolling out of bed while sleeping, we placed bed rails on each side. The first couple of nights were tough because he was terribly excited about his new sleeping arrangements that he would just roll himself from left to right, then back again, only because he can. (Mind you, he has a full-size bed so there’s a lot of room to play steamroller.) By mid-week, when the excitement boiled over, he became accustomed to his bed.

It’s been three weeks now since the big “move” and Paulo LOVES his bed! His crib is still in his room because my husband is too lazy to dismantle it and I am in denial that my baby is no longer a baby. Sometimes, out of habit, I’ll put him in his crib while I go to his closet. He cries and looks at me with sad puppy eyes as if he’s asking me if he’s in trouble. (We really need to dismantle it!) Although, the best part is when it’s time for bed. After we brush his teeth, he’ll run to his room and things will be quiet. When I walk in, I always find him under the covers sitting up with a book on his lap and a big smile ready for story time. So precious!

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