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Paulo was put in a timeout while on a playdate. His friend, Amalie, decided to join him for moral support.

I started putting Paulo in timeouts when he was about 12-months old. It seemed so silly to put him in a corner because at his age I didn’t really know if he understood the reason or grasped the concept. According to Dr. Sears, timeouts should be around one minute per year of age. So since he was a year old, he sat in the “naughty corner” for one minute.

The first time I put him in timeout, he sat for about two seconds, then ran back to me with a big smile. I guess he thought it was a game. I couldn’t help but smile back because he was just so darn cute! So just what every mother would do, I swooped him up and showered him with kisses until he giggled.

The subsequent times that followed weren’t “cute” anymore. This time I meant business! Every time he hit his sister, he was sent to the naughty corner. I guess after many timeouts, it finally clicked.  Now at 21-months, he runs up to his sister, hits her, then walks to his corner. (Stinker!) Ok, I guess he learned the wrong lesson, but in his defense, he usually hits his sister if she happens to take away the toy he was playing with.

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We’re told this adorable “country mouse”, Brooks (18-month-old), has always had an ear for a melody and regularly bumps, bounces, dances and sings to all genres of music. He is busy, inquisitive, affectionate, tall like daddy, sweet like mommy and on the stubborn side. 🙂 He taught himself to “blow bubbles” and swim around in the tub with ease, making his family think he might one day be quite the natural swimmer! Congratulation Brooks on earning the title of Le Top Darling of the Day!

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