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No, I did not say that!

I wish I could speak pork-a-cheese (Portuguese).”

–Miranda, age 6

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Last Sunday my sister called my mom and I and told us that my niece wanted us all to go with her on a girls’ shopping day.  Apparently, my nephew was on fishing trip with his dad, so my niece, Megan, decided she wanted to do something with “the girls”.  We were pleasantly surprised by the impromptu shopping opportunity and eagerly hopped in the car to meet up with them at the local Nordstrom’s for our girls’ day out. 

Megan showing off her fashion accessories while wearing her Le Top Forget-Me-Not Garden dress.

It wasn’t the kind of marathon shopping I usually associate with a girls’ shopping day; it was just a nice little trip to the children’s department of one of our favorite stores. We saw lots of things we liked and even bought a few, but we didn’t spend hours in the dressing rooms or walk from store to store until we were too tired to carry our bags anymore (although I’m sure we will when Megan becomes a teenager). We did, however, try on some hats and hairbands; my niece and I are suckers for accessories.

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