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Use our ideas for family holiday traditions inspiration! Whether you are a new parent or have 5 kids – there is always room for fun new traditions that get you excited each year for the holiday festivities. Read below these ideas! Share your holiday traditions with us too!

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“Morning sickness” affects about 3/4 of pregnant women during the first trimester. About 1/2 of all pregnant women suffer from both nausea and vomiting, 1/4 has nausea alone, and 1/4 lucks out altogether. The nausea usually starts around 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it can begin as early as 4 weeks.

Although morning sickness is common, and most likely won’t last longer than a few months, don’t be fooled – it is a serious challenge for many women. Even a mild case of nausea can wear you down! Use these tips to help keep “morning sickness” to its minimum.

1. Eat Tiny Meals
Eating tiny meals throughout the day — aka not skipping meals — is important to keeping your morning sickness to a minimum. Try to stick to simple foods such as chicken soup and crackers that somewhat bland foods that are easy to digest. Also make sure to drink plenty of water in between meals to prevent dehydration and to make sure your stomach stays full. If you throw up daily or start to lose weight, be sure to talk to your doc.

2. Aromatherapy?
Many products can help minimize nausea. The scent of citrus or mint can be awesome at curbing morning sickness as well as calming your overactive sense of smell.

3. Ginger baby!
Since a lot of over-the-counter nausea medications are unsafe to take while pregnant, you should try good ‘ole Mother Nature. Try everything from ginger tea to ginger snaps and ginger ale to ease your morning sickness. Ginger has been used throughout history to help calm nausea and morning sickness, and it works wonders!

4. Avoid the heat!
Being in warm places and feeling hot can make nausea way worse. The air conditioner can be your friend and try to stick to cool places in the summer. In the winter, step outside and get some fresh, cool air.

5. Get some Zzz’s
Sleep cures everything. In general, the more rest you get, the better you’re going to feel.

6. Sea band?
The symptoms of morning sickness can be extremely similar to those of seasickness, and it is commonly found that those with motion sickness prior to pregnancy tend to experience “morning sickness.” The Sea-Band uses acupressure to hit pressure points in your wrist that affect feelings of nausea and dizziness. Just consider it a pregnancy accessory!

7. Prenatal vitamins
Some women feel their prenatal vitamins make morning sickness much worse because many are not organic or not food-based. If this is the case, talk to your doctor about alternatives to the traditional types of prenatal vitamins for the first trimester. Also, it can help if you take them at nighttime versus first thing in the morning because you will have had a full stomach during the day.

8. The Family Tree
Medical studies have shown that if the women in your family had severe morning sickness, you will too. This goes for your maternal and paternal relatives, so start asking around and try what worked for them.


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As all your mommy and daddies know, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted this past Wednesday, December 15th in favor of banning the use and manufacturing of drop-side cribs, while also announcing the enforcement of new safety regulations regarding the making of all cribs.

According to MSNBC.com, drop-side cribs have been blamed in the deaths of at least 32 infants and toddlers since 2000 and are suspected in another 14 infant fatalities. In the past five years, more than 9 million drop-side cribs have been recalled, including cribs from big-name companies such as Evenflo, Delta Enterprise Corp., and Pottery Barn Kids.

In other words, this just about deems every existing make and model unsafe for your baby. The rules, which ban the manufacture, sale or resale of drop-side cribs and require safer crib designs, take effect this June. So what do you need to know until then? Read below for these facts.

What to know:

1.  In addition to at least 32 deaths in drop-side cribs, there were 14 deaths because of entrapment that could have been caused by a drop-side, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which issued the new crib standards.

2.  Parents know that drop-side cribs can make it easier for parents to reach in and out of the crib, or even to get babies in and out. However, how many parents think about how drop-side cribs can also trap children, especially when the cribs have broken pieces or missing hardware?

3.  More than 9 million drop-side cribs have been recalled since 2007, according to the CPSC.

4. Get the right info…

SAFETY TIPS: Routine checks of drop-side crib can ensure safety
MORE INFORMATION: CPSC’s crib information center

FROM OUR ARCHIVE: Ban on drop-side cribs coming soon

5.  Hotels, motels and child care centers have 18 months more to replace what CPSC says is about 935,000 drop-side cribs.

6.  CPSC urges consumers to check at cpsc.gov to see if their drop-side crib has been recalled. If it hasn’t, CPSC says to stop using the drop side and check for broken or missing parts.

What Are The Safety Issues With Drop-Side Cribs? 

  1. Plastic drop-side hardware can break or warp.
  2. Some types of soft wood could allow the hardware to come loose faster.
  3. Many parents install the drop side upside-down, which can increase wear on hardware.
  4. Drop-side pieces go missing over time and the cribs aren’t re-assembled properly.

All of these issues can allow a gap to form between the crib mattress and part of the drop side. Babies can become trapped and suffocate in that gap.

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It wouldn’t be the holidays in San Antonio, Texas without the beautiful and festive window displays at premier children’s boutique, Baby O Baby. We interviewed children’s boutique owner and kiddo style guru, Becki Guillory, about the history of her store and how twins and triplets were her inspiration and other fun facts!

1. What was the inspiration behind the name Baby O Baby?
Becki: The inspiration came once the conception of our store began. It is certainly a term of endearment. I have a very close friend who began having children several years before me. Now remember, this was before high-tech ultra sounds, AVI, and before a father was even allowed in the delivery room. The first time my friend gave birth, we were all eagerly waiting at the hospital and surrounded by many friends and family. After a long wait, the doctor came out and said, “Congratulations!! Your wife is fine, and your daughter is beautiful!” Before Toni (the husband) could say a word, the doctor continued on to say,” and your son is a handsome boy.” That was a shock! My friend’s second pregnancy, was the same routine…after what seemed to be an eternity of waiting, he (the doctor) came out and said, “Well folks [looking at Toni], you have not one baby…[lingering in suspense and joking], Baby Oh Baby…” He then finished with, “Oh babies. She had triplets!” From that point on, the triplets were nicked named “baby ‘o babies…Oh baby!!!!” Now as my friend’s family grew, she had two sets of twins and two sets of triplets – their very own football team…And a beautiful children’s boutique called Baby O Baby.

2.     Describe the neighborhood where your store is located. Did you grow up in the local area? Is it the same as it was growing up?
Becki: No, I did not grow up here, but I moved here twenty-one years ago. This [Baby O Baby’s location] is the side of San Antonio that we choose. It still had that “in the country feel.” My children remember walking through the woods to and from school. We knew it was going to be a wonderful place to call “home.” I would describe the Stone Oak area to be the side of town where young posh families chose to start their families. And over the years, it has changed beyond recognition. We have a lot of international customers that come three or four times a year. We are the home to our beloved Silver Stars Basketball Team and the WNBA Silver Stars. I believe this is the area of San Antonio that will thrive and grow for many, many years to come.

3.     What would you suggest as the top 3 essentials in the winter that any parent should buy to brighten up their child’s wardrobe?
Becki: Gosh, we get to choose the best of both worlds for a winter wardrobe. For San Antonio, Texas it may be colder than usual this season, but it can be in the 70s and 80s some days! For us, sunscreen, cute little rain boots (both boy and girl), and a very colorful lightweight jacket would be my 3 picks for winter. On the other hand, we have grandparents who visit their grandkids for Christmas up North. My essentials for those travelling would be Le Top’s pink faux fur coat for girls, Le Top’s aviator jacket for boys, cozy PJ’s, beautiful bow accessories, and of course, good shoes for their feet. We are known at our store for our special bows. My daughter, Shannon, makes custom bows to match every outfit we have!

4.     What is your favorite holiday film past or present for kids/family?
Becki: Our favorite is “A Christmas Carol.” It has been a film reproduced many times. I think it reminds us to stop, look around, and remember there are families that need our help, not just at Christmas, but all year round. “God Bless You Tiny Tim.”

Photos of Becki's adorable 3-year-old grandson, Dean Aaron. His Dad is serving his country. Here is Dean at a Christmas lights outing.

5.     Tell us…before you “had kids or grandkids, what is one thing you swore you’d never…?” Please share!
Becki: Ha-Ha, there are a lot. But one of my pet peeves is makeup on little baby girls. And, I would never let my kids pick out their clothes alone.

6.     The holidays are LITERALLY around the corner and it is the last weekend to buy holiday gifts before Christmas Eve. What are your top 3 items (clothes, toys, giftables, etc.) for any parent shopping for the holidays at your store?
Becki: This is true – right around the corner! We always suggest a classic children’s book. It is so wonderful to curl up with your kids and read to them. They love it! We carry a wide selection of gifts from tricycles to mini tables and chairs. Always a favorite, we also carry doll, Baby Stella. Our customers very seldom leave our store without Le Top’s Santa hat that they love.  You would be surprised about the number of pictures we get back with the adults wearing the Santa hat on top of their heads! It’s that “cute factor” going on. We also suggest for a little baby our Le Top Red Nosed Reindeer plush toy – the kids love the music when you squeeze it. It is also super soft and their [kids] tiny hands can hold on to any part of the toy.

7.     What’s your favorite holiday tradition and or nostalgic moment and why? Whether it be decorating the Christmas tree to eating peppermint bark to lighting the menorah candles to baking in the kitchen, etc….
Becki: Going together to Mass. But our nostalgic moment now has been watching the kids and their stockings. They run into the den, snag their stockings that are hanging on the mantel and run straight to my bed. (Thankfully, these moments give us a chance to pray and reflect on Christmases past. It’s also a great way to stop for a moment before we gather in the den that becomes present central. Now, I know the peek when they get their stockings, but What Child Wouldn’t!!!

8.     Any special events or fun holiday traditions that you have planned at your store before Christmas?
Becki: Stone Oak has had a Winter Festival for five years now. It is so much fun for the whole family. There is a treasure hunt from selected stores. The kids get so excited when the run into a store to see if a listed treasure is available. We have a symbol on our door letting the kids know we are a store that is part of the treasure hunt. When the hunt ends, we bring in tons of snow late that afternoon for the kids to play in. There are so many fun activities for the whole family, and we pray it is cold that day, but even if it isn’t, the kids still build snowmen and snowwomen, have snowball fights and then the Festival ends when the snow has melted away. But most importantly, we work with Pathways. It is a branch of charitable foster care. Every Christmas, we put together new Christmas clothes and toys for the charity before their holiday party. Our store tries to give as much of a variety of clothing as we can because our store carries sizes up to 6x that can cover all of their clothing needs. Because of security for the children, this is the first Christmas that they organization has invited us to join in the festivity! “Oh what fun! It is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh!!!” And thanks to companies like Le Top and others we are able to bless the children with memories that will stay with me forever.

9.     Tell us your best parenting tip you know or would want to give to a new parent.
Becki: Of course to love them, and as they begin to talk, take a step back, inhale a few deep breaths, and LISTEN, but hear them. You have to watch out because kids are honest to a fault. As Mr. Art Linkletter once said “Kids say the darndest and do the funniest things.” Love them unconditionally. They grow up so fast.”

10.     What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line or Rabbitmoon do you love from the Fall/Holiday 2010 collection?
Becki: Love, Love, Love the Elves Collection! Paula (our manager) does our store window. When these outfits arrive to our store, she stuffed the body and legs with the little toes dangling. Oh they are so cute! We put one in the window about every half an hour. When she gets the elves hung up in the window, people see it and it’s out the door. Love Le Top’s aviator jacket and bomber hat. My grandson, Dean Aaron, is 3-years-old.  He comes from a military family stationed in Georgia. Since I mailed him the aviator jacket and hat to him, I don’t think he’s taken it off – but maybe only to bath and sleep. He is also wearing and loves his Reindeer Games Collection green cord pants and striped shirt.  He knows this Reindeer Collection because he wears one every season made by Le Top.

Baby O Baby
1207 N Loop 1604 W # 107
San Antonio, TX 78258-4629

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Today’s Double Darling of the Day, Makenzie,  is one of our 24/7Moms rabbitmoon giveaway contest winners. She looks so excited to unwrap rabbitmoon‘s super soft Neapolitan sweaterdress, chocolate footless tights, and long sleeve twill dress. We think this outfit was made for her! Congratulations on being named a Darling of the Day!

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Today’s Darling of the Day comes to us all the way from Shanghai. Wow! This delightful little sprout knows how to work any look while enjoying the beautiful weather.  Congrats to Eegee for being Le Top’s Darling of the Day!

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All parents deal with that special time of night that I like to refer to as the “witching hour”…when you are tired from a long day of work and your sweet kiddos are tired and turn into cranky kiddos and you may burst into tears. Ha!  In my opinion, whoever is caring for your children during the time before bed isn’t the only one who is dealing with the kids’ moods – it’s the whole family! At this time of day, you are trying to wind-down your children, fatigue is high, the family is transitioning their own day and kids often are at their neediest. It’s no wonder this time of day can be painful for parents! Many moms and dads need the time to decompress and have some quiet time themselves around children’s bedtime. Here are some tips on how to keep the peace without resorting to 2 tall glasses of vino and know that your children go to bed smiling.

Get comfy as a parent
Changing after work helps you make the mental shift you need to rid of a sour mood. The minute you put on your comfy clothes, you begin to relax. Also, often time parents are wearing work clothes they don’t want to get dirty with the kids when they get home, so changes creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

A breath of fresh air
Kids tend to be wound up from the day and even more excited when you arrive home from work. Before beginning your evening routine, take a walk around the block or just head out to the yard.

Give kids what they want — you.
Many moms come home and immediately feel they have to jump into household chores. Instead, take your shoes off and give your kids your total attention so they don’t spend the new hour or two fighting for your attention. Even if it is just ten minutes, your children will then most likely go play with their toys or entertain themselves with their siblings, etc.

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We have decided to extend the contest deadline to next Monday, Dec. 20th!
We are looking for the cutest and “most scared” pictures of your babies and kiddos photographed with Santa!  Submit your pictures until Monday. (A little blurb about the pic would be great too!)

Inspired by our blog posts this month – we want to ring in the holiday season with a few laughs (and smiles) and have a contest on the best “scared of” and “cute” Santa pictures. This Monday, Dec. 20th, we will pick 2 winners – one will be for the cutest Santa picture with your child(ren) and the other will be for the funniest “I’m scared of” Santa photo with your child(ren).

We will choose our winners (at random) who will win a $100 shopping spree from our Le Top online boutique – www.letop-usa.com. The lucky winner will be announced on Monday, December 20th.

So, where to send these photos?
Email service@letop-usa.com
Facebook your image with a blurb on our fan page by clicking here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/le-top/117553138255670?ref=sgm

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