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No, I did not say that!

My daughter was standing on the bathroom scale, and read her weight out loud to me.

I’m 49.8 libbets.

Mommy: What’s libbets?

It says right there… L-B-S. Libbets!”

–Miranda, age 6

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I don’t know how all of you get your child dressed on time in the morning but it has been a struggle for me. I’ve have been searching for a solution to this dilemma. I have noticed more and more that my almost 4-year-old has been asking me what time it is. I’m not sure she really understands what she’s asking or if since Mom and Dad both have a watch and seem to care, she should too. Well, we are using it to our advantage!

I recently let her choose a Buzz Lightyear watch, but it was just too distracting while in her classroom. Instead I replaced it with a plain digital watch in her favorite color, green. She loves it because she feels like a grown up. Now we can tell her to start getting dressed on her own when the watch says 7:50. If she doesn’t, we can say we will take the watch away because she’s not using it properly. It seems to be working for the moment. Now if I could just figure out how to take it off military time. 🙂 

If your kids like to dress themselves in the morning, rabbitmoon kids clothes are the way to go! Their quality clothes for kids are meant to be mixed and matched. Coordinating separates means more outfit choices for your kiddo, more creative freedom, more value for your dollar and they will look great.

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As the days get closer to finding out what we are having, the families (both ours and the Le Top family) are getting a little more anxious. It doesn’t help anyone’s impatience that once we find out our baby’s sex, we plan on keeping our lips sealed until Thanksgiving, or in the case of our Le Top family, they will have to wait a whole extra FOUR days to find out!

Aaron and I are keeping ourselves somewhat distracted and are trying not to think about it, while my sister-in-law has resorted to other measures. She found a website while “working” the other day called http://www.makemebabies.com/. She grabbed a digital picture of myself and my husband, plugged them into the website, and voila! We have an image of our child….with a full mouth of teeth and crossed eyes!  FABULOUS!

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Johan Samuel, son of singer Seal and model/tv host Heidi Klum, turns 4-years-old today! We have a funny feeling he will be celebrating in style with brother Henry, and sisters Lou Solula and Leni. Wishing you the best birthday and many more! This Le Top ‘Take Flight’ aviator jacket would look super cool for this stylish bambino.

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Bronx Mowgli Wentz, son of singer/actress Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and rocker Pete Wentz, turns 2-years-old this Saturday, November 20th! Best birthday wishes from us at Le Top and Rabbitmoon! We have the perrrrrrffecct outfit for your birthday from our Rabbitmoon ‘Guitar Collection’ – check out…we think it might be the best outfit to rock out in on your special day.

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We sat down with inspiration and children’s boutique guru, Anne Richter, owner Giggles Children’s Clothing store in Woodstock, Vermont to get the inside scoop on her store and her funny parenthood tales.  From stories about cutting clothing ads out of the newspaper as a child to her best parenting tip to holiday must haves and her charity work with children – Anne’s store is the go-to for any parent. Read more to discover one of Le Top’s very favorite children’s boutiques.

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Stylist Rachel Zoe literally has a new project: her baby on the way! Rachel, 39, and husband Rodger Berman are expecting their first child next year, she announced via Twitter yesterday. “Hey everyone! I want to officially confirm to my loyal friends and followers that I am pregnant!” Zoe writes. Congrats to Rachel and Rodger – that is going to be one stylish tot!

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