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During an animal show at the local library, my friend needed to take her son to the bathroom. When he returned, he announced…

Excuse me, Reptile Man. I missed part of your snake show because I had to go potty.”

–Jake, age 3

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It’s still early on in my pregnancy, but I have passed the “big marker” of the first trimester!  WOO HOO! Things are looking clear for the road ahead.  Considering a pregnancy is 40 weeks, I am trying to take everything in stride.  “Enjoying” pregnancy is a word I would beg to differ with, however, with no morning sickness in the first trimester, and an increase of energy on the rise (most days) I guess it is a suitable word; I’m just concerned about the days to come…

Measured baby and waving baby views

Now that everything is out in the open and I am starting to show, the next big question everyone has is “are you going to find out the sex of the baby?”  The answer is a definite NO….just kidding, it’s a YES!  How could a planner like me not want to find out the gender!  With trying to keep everything in stride, this is the next goal I have laid out.  Only 5 more weeks until we find out!!!  PLUS I will reach another milestone at that same time – I will be HALF WAY THROUGH!!!! Hallelujah!  My husband, his grandfather and half of the family is rooting for a boy.  If it is a boy, he will be the first to carry on the family name; what a task!  Me? I really don’t care one way or the other – seriously.  I would be happy with either.  I have two friends who are also pregnant and they are both having boys, so ideally, it would be great if they were friends, but then all my other friends have girls and they are only one or two years older, so that would be great if we had a girl.  Some women lean one way or the other and I am torn right down the middle.  There are so many great characteristics about each gender, I am just glad to know that either of them is brewing in me!

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Kids grow up fast and seem to fly through clothing with their constant growth at lightening speed. If you’re like me, you’ve received some hand-me-downs and you pass down those clothes that are no longer needed. For the kids clothes that have been handed down to me (or that I’ve bought from work) that are within 6-12 months away from fitting my daughter, I try to hang them in her closet on the far end of the rack. I’ve found that if I leave them in a box in the garage, I forget about them and by the time I think to check – half of them no longer fit. If I leave them in her closet, it reminds me to check for them more often and she won’t miss out on that too cute outfit!

To help clear clothes out, I keep a pop-up basket in her closet that I regularly throw clothes into that she has outgrown. When it gets full it’s time to sort them and give them to the other moms I know with kids younger than Lilah. I send the heavy coats to a friend who lives in the coldest weather and the lightest clothing to those that live in the warmest weather. At that time, it’s also good to look through the closet and drawers for clothes or shoes that (for some reason) your child just doesn’t wear or are the wrong season and you realize they no longer fit. I think that’s about half of my daughters clothes. Kids are who they are – there is not much you can do about it!

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Image by: Lilly Palmberger/CelebrityPhoto

Singer, Céline Dion gave birth to fraternal twin boys on this past Saturday, Oct. 23rd in sunny Florida! One of the boys weighed in at 5 lbs., 4 oz., with the other at 5 lbs., 10 oz. We read on People.com that the twins are healthy, but will spend the next few days in an incubator because they were born premature. Céline is resting now and they plan to discuss what to name the boys soon! We think these Le Top preemie boy outfits would be perfect for Céline to take home the boys in! One outfit is from Le Top baby’s “Baby Zoo” Collection: Baby Zoo.  The other matching preemie outfit is from “Little Pony” Collection: Little Pony congratulations!

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For over 32 years, Le Top has been creating quality playwear as a family-owned company based out of sunny Richmond, California—just across the bay from San Francisco. We love to support local non-profit organizations and recently learned about the Contra Costa Animal Services adoption department and their fun Halloween adoption event. Our trusty and loyal Le Top Customer Care team member, Marilyn, helped out at a local Martinez branch where they dressed up animals that are waiting to be adopted in Halloween costumes!

We thought you would enjoy these photos, and possibly be interested in adopting a cute pet – that would be a sweet Halloween treat!

The mission of Contra Costa Animal Services is to protect the public and animals in their community, and prevent cruelty, abuse, and neglect of animals in Contra Costa County by effectively and efficiently enforcing all animal laws. To learn more about the organization, go to http://www.ccasd.org/.




“Looks like Riley is a Le Top fan and dressed up one of our costumes, Barker the Puppy! How cute!”







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Image by: Jemal Countess/Getty

Actor, Matt Damon, 40-years-old, and his wife Luciana, 35-years-old, welcomed a baby girl, Stella Zavala Damon, last Wednesday, Oct. 20th in New York. “Mom and baby are both healthy. The whole family is thrilled,” says Damon. They both have two children together — Isabella, 4, and Gia, 2. We think this adorable Rabbitmoon jumpsuit from the Savanna Collection would look so cute on Stella!  Cheers to the new baby!

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We want to thank all of the mommies and daddies for taking the time to submit photos of their little bambinos at pumpkin patches for Le Top contest! We had a VERY tough time deciding who our winners would be with so many over the top cute photos.  We were so torn, that we chose 3 top winners!  And the winners are (in random order)…Cheers!

Winners, please email service@letop-usa.com to redeem your free Le Top outfit of your choice. Congratulations!


1.      Stephanie Simmons Terhune who submitted an adorable and classic photo of her two girls, Lauren (4-years-old) and Katelin (7-months-old) at a pumpkin patch in Colorado.

2.      Becky Atland Branch
who submitted a first time pumpkin patch photo of Connor (7-months-old) from Arkansas.

3.      Jennifer Stapp
who submitted a picture of Addisyn (11-months-old) – those boots and first pumpkin are over the moon cute!


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Feliz Cumpleanos to Archibald William Emerson Arnett, son of SNL actress Amy Poehler and actor Will Arnett! He turns 1-years-old today! Big birthday wishes to you and your family from Le Top & Rabbitmoon. Need a fun birthday party outfit? Check out this cute rock-and-roll outfit from rabbitmoon’s new online boutique at: http://www.rabbitmoon-usa.com/Shop/Boy

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This version of a classic carnival game also makes a fun and great Halloween kids’ activity with bursting confetti-and-candy-filled balloons. This Halloween game is good for a home party or even the classroom – it is sure to make everyone “explode” with laughter and glee.


  • 4-by-5 1/2-foot piece of foam board (buy it at your local craft store)
  • 2 yards of burlap or other fabric
  • Duct tape
  • Thirty-five 12-inch orange balloons
  • Confetti
  • Candy (small, thin types work best)
  • Pump, for balloons (optional), joann.com
  • T pins
  • Green construction paper
  • Pushpins (or darts for bigger kids)



1. Cover foam board with burlap; secure in back with duct tape. Place flat on the ground (living room or a spacious area)

2. Fill balloons with confetti (using a funnel) and candy. Leave a few treat-free to add to the suspense.

3. Inflate the balloons (a pump makes it faster); tie off with a knot. Attach balloons to board with T pins, in a pumpkin shape. Make sure to push the T pins all the way in so that there are no “poking” accidents when your child sits on the balloon.

4. Cut a stem shape from green construction paper, and secure with T pins.

5. Put on a fun Halloween song like the “Monster Mash” and have the kids dance to the music – when the music stops, have them sit on the balloons to make them pop! Challenge the kids to pop all of the balloons by the end of the song.


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Holiday is here and we interviewed one of our favorite Le Top and rabbitmoon premier store retailers in Galesburg, Illinois – Mother Goosebumps. Rhonda Townbridge, Manager and childrenswear guru, tells us about must-have new mom essentials, her dream toddler makeovers and how her store has a special winter scene photographer for sweet kiddo portraits at her store this holiday season. Read more!

1.      Where did the name Mother Goosebumps come from? What was the inspiration behind the name? We are assuming Mother Goose nursery rhymes, but why the “bumps”?
Rhonda: The store had this name before I bought it from the original owner who had named it Mother Goosebumps 16 years ago.

2.       How did you pick the location of your new store? Describe the neighborhood where your store is located.
Rhonda: The store is located on historic Seminary Street in Galesburg, Illinois. But approximately 10 years ago, we moved across the street to a larger location when we started to carry school uniforms for local schools. To see more about seminary Street, visit http://www.seminarystreet.com/. All of the businesses in the area are locally owned and offer a variety of shops.

Le Top Pirouette Faux Fur Jacket

3.       What would you suggest as the top 3 essentials a new mom should buy in your store?
Rhonda: With the winter quickly approaching I would suggest a new mom should buy a:

  • JJ Cole Bundle with a matching fleece hat
  • Mustela soothing comfort balm
  • Zutano cozy fleece
  • And a Le Top pink faux fur coat! It is something every little girl needs.

4. What’s the best advice you have ever given a new parent?
Rhonda: Relax – and enjoy your baby, they grow up so fast.

5.      The holidays are around the corner – what are your top 5 items (clothes, toys, giftables, etc.) for any parent shopping for the holidays at your store?
Rhonda: I would pick….

  • Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles
  • Automoblox
  • Thomas the Train wooden railway
  • Tutus and pettiskirts
  • And books!

The Le Top Wall

6.      If you could give a toddler a makeover – Describe the perfect fashionable and functional outfit you would dress a boy and girl in.
Rhonda: For a toddler girl, I would dress her in a Le Top Pirouette ballet dress and legging set, topped off with a matching headband and large flower. She’s all ready to go see The Nutcracker in this outfit. For toddler boys, any boy can go to about any function when you put together a Hartstrings gray corduroy pant with a ½ zip gray sweater.

7. What’s on your agenda for the holidays for your store? Any special events or fun holiday traditions at your store?
The holiday kicks off here at our store with our big day after Thanksgiving Sale. On the first Saturday of December, the street we are located on has an open house where there are carriage rides and caroling. We also do “winter scene” photographs at our store with a professional photographer – come by and see!

Le Top Dottie Scotties group

8. What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line or rabbitmoon do you love from the Fall/Holiday 2010 collection?
Rhonda: The best collection for Le Top girls is the Dottie Scotties group and for boys I love the rabbitmoon Guitar group.

Mother Goosebumps
77 South Seminary Street
Galesburg, IL 61401
(309) 342- 2867

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