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Mark your calendars and be the first to shop at rabbitmoon kids clothes online boutique opening next Monday, September 20th.

Rabbitmoon is Le Top’s sister brand that is made from the finest soft cotton fabrics (created in-house by our talented team of designers and manufacturers) so that every piece meets the strictest demands for quality, comfort, and durability. Rabbitmoon’s meticulous attention to detail, modern colors, durable fabrics, and creative graphics, our “mix it up” items can be easily coordinated into outfits to suit any growing personality. This makes shopping for your little ones simple and affordable!

The new site will offer easy-to-match separates. Whether you’re putting together an outfit for a gift or letting your little one dress themselves, you can’t go wrong with any combination of rabbitmoon items. Coordinating our separates means more outfit choices, more creative freedom, and more value for your dollar. With just a few pieces, you can create multiple stylish and versatile outfits!

Here is a “sneak” preview of a rabbitmoon Neapolitan dress from our “what the kids like” category of our favorites!

This mixed soft stretch pink cotton and strawberry pink twill dress features puff sleeves with contrast ruffle cuffs and comfy front pouch pockets. Finished with vanilla dot print ruffle hem. Mix it up with leggings, tights or pants to create a fashionable look. Button down front for over-the-head easy dressing.

The new site will include a wide variety of gift options for baby and under $30 for all the price conscious mommy and daddy shoppers out there for boy, girl and baby.

More good news?
We will also be offering rabbitmoon signature gift wrap that includes a personalized handwritten gift note (the card can have your own very special message) for only $5, or we can send a kit—including a gift box, tissue paper, ribbon, sealing sticker, and a blank gift card—so that you can personally gift wrap their gift. In addition, we always include a miniature rabbitmoon handwritten thank you note (from us) with every purchase.

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Paulo is wearing a zip hoodie and cargo pants set from rabbitmoon's Imagination collection.

I’m guilty! I am so guilty of not indulging my second child to the same enjoyable things as I did with my first. Miranda had playgroups, play dates, Mommy and Me classes, anything and everything that I could expose her to that would be fun, educational, and give us extra bonding/play time.

I remember someone telling me that having two kids is like having 10. I didn’t believe it! How can one little person make life complicated to the 10th degree? Well, let me tell you… Now that I have two kids, I AM A BELIEVER! I am so busy with the demands of motherhood, Miranda’s school, my freelance work, the housework, the grocery shopping (I have to go every week now because boys eat so much more than girls!) and all the voluntary roles I thought I would have time for (Classroom Mom, Yearbook Committee, Faith Formation Teacher, helping my parents). I’m lucky if I can keep my head above water. Poor Paulo! He gets whatever is left of my hectic schedule.

I jotted down my little guy’s schedule each day of the week:

  • Monday: take Miranda to school, eat, very short nap, pick up Miranda, play
  • Tuesday: take Miranda to school, eat, very short nap, pick up Miranda, play
  • Wednesday : take Miranda to school, eat, longer nap, pick up Miranda, play
  • Thursday: take Miranda to school, SWIM CLASS!!!, eat, longer nap, pick up Miranda, play
  • Friday: take Miranda to school, eat, longer nap, pick up Miranda, play

Pretty boring, huh? At least he has weekly swim classes. But any free time I get, I’m either working, doing chores or running errands just so I can survive the day and actually get to bed at a decent time (midnight would be early for me!) But never mind about me. This is precious Paulo time I’m wasting. So… I’ve decided that I NEED take charge of my schedule and plan recreational activities for my little guy. He shouldn’t be penalized for being Child No. 2. He needs to have his own schedule, his own friends, and make his own memories. This sad little dude rarely sees a playground that when he does see one, he pees his pants in excitement! So I’m bringing back weekly playgroups.

His first play date was with my friend’s daughter. This little girl’s big brother was Miranda’s first playgroup friend and they have been very good friends ever since. (Coincidentally, my friend and I had our two kids roughly at the same time so each of our two kids are about the same age.) We met at a nearby playground to enjoy the fresh air and some outdoor fun, but it started to drizzle. Luckily, there was Toddler Storytime at the museum across the way that was just about to start. PERFECT!

The kids had a good time, AND the moms did as well. We both reminisced about our lives five years ago when we were both new mothers and only had one child each. We talked about how much more relaxed we were back then, how busy our lives have become, and how we missed connecting with each other just to talk about life in general (husbands, in-laws, school, broken appliances, the laundry…). We vowed to have our play dates each week for the sake of our second children AND for the sake of our sanity! What a revelation… I NEED PLAYGROUP, TOO!!! This is going to be a good thing.

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