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Emma learns to walk in her Le Top Daisy Duck swimsuit at the side of the pool!

Every kid’s swimsuit takes an awful beating during the summer from pool or beach play.  The fabric gets stretched out, water-logged, shocked by hot temperatures of a hot tub then pool, ground against sand and more! Give your child’s bathing suit some TLC and it will prolong the life and effectiveness of his or her swimwear. A little care will go a long way. Here are some quick tips:

Quick Rinse
When your child is done swimming, soak or rinse the swimsuit in tap water. This rids of sand, salt or chlorine.  Most beaches have showers or faucets for this purpose. Did you know that swimsuits with spandex turn yellow when exposed to chlorine?

Washing Machine?
Try not to put your bathing suit in the washing machine because it can be abrasive on the fabric and even causes pilling. It should only take less than 5 minutes out of your day to put it in the sink and hand wash it.  Make it a fun kids activity and teach them about how to wash their own bathing suit in the bathroom sink.  When washing, turn the bathing suit inside out to avoid damaging the outside.  Use a mild detergent and bleach is a NO-NO!

See the cute yellow bows and duck on the back of Emma’s Le Top suit while she catches up on summertime reading with daddy, Eric!.

Wring the water out and its time to dry!  You can clip to an indoor clothesline or hang to dry outside. Try to avoid letting it dry outside all day because the UV exposure can fade colors.

Last Tip?
Tell your kids to be careful where they sit! Not only can the cement around a pool be hot on a child’s backside, but also pool edges and decks are rough on the fabric (even if it feels smooth). Try to place a towel underneath them before they sit down.

Check the links for more Le Top boy’s (ribbit, lots o’fish, and gone fishin’) and girl’s (tulip garden, lots o’fish, sweatheart butterfly) bathingsuits and monokinis. They are durable, bright and fashionable for any child at play in the pool or beach!

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Image By: Michael Buckner/Wireimage

Singer Sheryl Crow announced this past Friday, June 4th that she adopted a son, Levi James, 5-weeks-old.  She announced her new addition to the family on her official web site.  Levi will be joining elder brother Wyatt Steven, 3, whom she adopted in April 2007. Congrats to being a new mommy again!

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Honor with mom, Jessica Alba

Feliz Cumpleanos to one of the most stylish baby gals in tinseltown, Honor Marie Warren, today! She is turning 2-years-old. Eat lots of cake for us!

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