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If you’re like most parents of a young child, you feel like you spend all of your time picking up after your kids, doing household chores, and trying to keep your head above water. Well, that is exactly how I feel on a daily basis.  When my daughter dragged a full basket of clean clothes into the livingroom for me to fold, I did a double take.  I asked myself, “Did my husband have something to do with this?”  When I asked him about Lilah and the basket, he had no idea what I was talking about.  Could it be true?  Is there a glimmer of hope that Lilah is now becoming old enough to really help me?!  It turned out, she had heard the dryer buzzer go off, emptied it herself, and brought the laundry out for me to fold.  I really couldn’t be more proud! Next up …folding.

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