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Uh-Oh!  Here we go again…but it’s only puppy love!  We were all reminded of the soft spot we hold in our hearts for puppies when Calvin, a longtime member of our terrific warehouse staff brought in his new Pekinese-Chihuahua puppy Lucy to ‘meet the family!’  Lucy has brought smiles of joy to the office over the past few days – her little bark beckons us, and we pick her up before that sad little bark tears our hearts apart!  She is just so darn cute!

lucy 2
Calvin and little Lucy

This little girl has a big presence, although I am not quite sure she knows her real size.  Cengx’s dog Charmie (the little Pomeranian that has shown off his le•top ‘couture’ outfits in the blog) towers over Lucy – but backs away from her playful paws when she invites him to play.  Lucy then proceeds to chase poor Charmie around the warehouse – totally in charge of this game.  Awww…puppy love!

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