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Our Accounting Supervisor Tiffany shared her photos from Halloween past.  Tiffany is really a ‘doll’ – and her Halloween ideas just confirmed what we already knew!

Tiffany LG

Counting through the photos:

  • Tiffany as a real little princess
  • Tiffany channeling her Holly Hobby doll
  • This is why she loves dolls!
  • Her parents dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy!
  • And she never grew up…as a baby doll with her son Josh!




If you’re looking for a cute le•top costume to dress your little one, try Riley the Puppy with a barking sound. It’s a soft faux fur coverall with hood.

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No, I did NOT say that!

No, I did NOT say that!

Check out my haunted house! It has lots of scary stuff… a vampire, a ghost, a skeleton, and a Mommy!”

– Ben, age 5

Editor’s Note:
Please spread the giggles by sharing your funny quotes with us!

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j0309567We are so excited – Halloween is only 11 days away!  October is just flying by!  (Just like a little bat I know!)  Halloween is a holiday that is fun for all ages.  It is the one time of the year that you can dress up and pretend to be someone (or something!) that you are not!  Of course there is the ALL IMPORTANT decision – picking out just the right costume for your little one!  We all know that our photograph album will be graced with the darling pics of “Halloween Past” – and you want the perfect look!  The wonderful le●top staff has decided to step in and contribute their last minute costume ideas. We will be posting our cute and silly photos of “Halloween Past” every day until the “Big Day” arrives!  Be sure to visit our blog to be inspired by pictures of us as kids, or as adults (acting like kids!) in our Halloween costumes.  We are looking forward to showing off the most adorable, the silliest and the spookiest!

Check back – hopefully our costumes will spark some great ideas for your Halloween celebration!

5 Year old Diana in her Pink Fairy Costume

5 Year old Diana in her Pink Fairy Costume

First up to the plate…is me!  Here I am at 5 years old in my very favorite costume.  The ultimate ‘little girl’ look – a pink fairy costume complete with tiara, wand and wings!  After Halloween was long past I would walk around the house wearing my very cool wings – I may have slept in them as well! 

Check back tomorrow for a new costume idea!

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"My costume roars, what does yours do?"

"My costume roars, what does yours do?"

I can’t believe it’s been six months since my brother and his wife announced their pregnancy. Since they are expecting their little “treat” to arrive on Halloween, I couldn’t resist but do a Halloween-themed baby shower. Everything had pumpkins!

  • invitations
  • games (a monster match game, pumpkin trivia, pass the pumpkin)
  • prizes (pumpkin-shaped chocolates, pumpkin-scented soaps)
  • giveaways (pumpkin candles)
  • The Diaper Cake
  • dessert (a delicious homemade pumpkin cake)

And the best part of all… the kids dressed in costume to welcome the arrival of their new cousin! Of course, my son was wearing one of le•top’s 2009 Halloween costumes. He was dressed as “Troy” the Triceratops, which he loved to wear because it kept him warm all day (now that fall has arrived in California!) and had a hidden button that everyone pushed to make his costume “ROAR!” I thought it was going to scare him when he first heard the sound, but he didn’t seem to even notice. I guess Mommy always sounds like an angry dinosaur. 🙂


Check back daily to see more Halloween ideas from le•top’s 2009 collection.

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BlueHydrangea[1]As I was driving to work this morning I noticed my neighbors beautiful hydrangea bush – it was loaded with gorgeous blue blossoms.  Hydrangeas are one of my very favorites!  I think I notice hydrangeas more now than I did many years ago – because they always make me smile.  Why do they make me smile?

When Karen’s son Nicholas (the grandson of my heart) was just 2 ½ years old he was learning the names of the flowers in the garden – (don’t let him hear me say this, but he is really, really bright!) His caretaker Virginia walked around the garden saying “rose” – “daisy” – etc.  When they got to Karen’s beautiful hydrangea bush the name was pretty big for a 2 year old!  So Virginia broke it into two parts and taught him “Hi Drangea!” – so it sounded like a greeting.  Nicholas repeated “Hi Drangea!” several times – he got it! 

The following day as they walked around the garden Nicholas remembered the names of all the flowers.  When they walked by the hydrangea bush he said “Hello Drangea!”  How cute is that???

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Elena, Sacha and friend

Sasha, Nadya, and Elena

Whether you are a fifth generation American, or have recently made America your new home, you probably observe customs and traditions passed down to you through the generations. This past weekend I volunteered at the annual St. Nicolas Bazaar to raise funds for the parish. The authenticity of the event was so remarkable that attendees were feeling as though they were in different country. I not only felt like I was back at home in Russia, but in a different century altogether.  As the sound of the accordion filled the square, the smell of piroshki drifted out of the kitchen, and laughing children ran around in Russian headdresses and gowns, traditions came alive.Russian3

What traditions have been passed down to you that bring back warm memories and happy conversation?


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Miranda in her favorite sweater of the season (from le•top's 2009 Fall Kaleidescope Collection).

The first day of fall for 2009 (in the Northern Hemisphere) was September 22nd.  Ever since Miranda learned that little nugget of information in Kindergarten, she has constantly asked me (every day since September 22), “Is it Fall yet? Why is it so hot?” All I could say was, “Yes, it’s fall but it still feels like summer. I guess the sun is just having too much fun to cool things down.” I don’t know why she has been so persistent. Was she excited about Halloween? Going to the pumpkin patch? I don’t know.

Kaleidoscope Pink Shirt with Corduroy Pant and Flower Sweater

Kaleidoscope Pink Shirt with Corduroy Pant and Flower Sweater

 On the first day when the weather looked cloudy and cold, she asked me again, “Is it fall yet, Mommy?”

“Yes, it looks like it.”

“Yay! I can wear my favorite sweater!”

It figures. It would be fashion-related coming from my little girl. (sigh!)

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