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We recently sent our favorite Miranda, Jamee’s five year old daughter, some dresses from our new le•top Fall 2009 collection. Jamee just had to share with me how this little drama unfolded as Miranda opened the box containing the new clothes:


Miranda Gardening in Style Wearing her Kaleidoscope Drop Waist Dress

She had just come home from day camp and was overly dramatic when she saw the box with her name on it.  She proceeded to open it up (with my help of course) and said ‘Oh, mommy! These are all for me? Oh, I love them! I love them ALL!!!’ (You can insert eye rolling mother here.)

Her favorite is the Kaleidoscope drop waist dress. Her exact words were ‘My favorite is the green one. I’ve been wanting this one for a long time!’ Of course I was just looking at her askance, because where would she have seen this dress?

I know she must get it from her daddy! She is watching Cinderella 2 right now and probably memorizing new lines to try out on me…”

I got a laugh from visualizing this little drama unfold and could not resist sharing this with you. Do you have any little actresses in the making?  What fun they are! Clearly we have an entertainer on our hands!

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