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The Real D: 3-D Glasses!

The other night my husband, his brothers and I went to see Pixar’s newest release “Up” in 3-D.  It was fantastic! And can I just say that 3-D technology has come a long, long way. The last “movie” I saw in 3-D was probably Michael Jackson’s “Captain E.O.” video at Disney World in the late 80’s!

We were supposed to see an earlier, non-3-D showing, but my husband insisted that we watch “Up” in 3-D. “There is no other way to watch it,” he said. So we shelled out an extra $2.50 to get the corny Real D: 3-D glasses, and waited around an extra hour for the 3-D showing.

It was worth the extra money and the wait. The depth perception you get from the 3-D technology is awe-inspiring. There are parts in the movie where the characters are going over a cliff and you kind of lean back in your seat, as if you were on the edge of the cliff with them. I was expecting a lot of “things” to jump out of the screen, and they did a couple of times, but not nearly as much as I had anticipated, which for me was a good thing. I am not keen on bugs digitally launching into my face.

We all really enjoyed the movie-viewing experience and the story line was flawless and heartwarming. There were definitely some tears shed (yes, they would have been shed from yours truly!), but also some deep belly laughter. The kids in the theatre were definitely entertained and their attention was held (i.e. no screaming and running around). Overall a great film and a great experience. SQUIRREL! Who’s seen this movie? What did you think?

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