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Breakfast in bed starts a day full of gifts on Mother's Day...

Breakfast in bed starts a day full of gifts on Mother's Day... 😉

I laughed reading Jamee’s post about her very first Mother’s Day present from her then three year old daughter. Given that Jamee’s a fabulous graphic designer (one of her many talents), I understood why her husband awaited her reaction with some trepidation — but mom’s love transcends even some of the tackiest style disasters! 😉

Jamee’s story made us want to hear your stories! le•top blog would LOVE to see photos and hear about your own stories of the most creative, special, funny Mother’s Day presents that you’ve received through the years. Please click here to submit your photos and stories for a chance to go on a $250 virtual shopping spree: Win $250 worth (retail value) of our beautiful le•top baby and kids clothes!

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momdaybrochMother’s Day is coming up and I’d have to say, ever since my daughter was old enough to make crafts, I have been looking forward to this special day. Last year was the first year it started. She was three years old and in her first year of preschool. I didn’t even think about Mother’s Day being for me, until she handed me her wrapped present (wrapped, meaning a white lunch bag with marker doodles – precious!). I excitedly opened the gift and found the tackiest brooch… A puzzle piece glued with gynormous gems! My husband looked at me with uncertainty, checking to see what my reaction would be.

I loved it! I immediately pinned it on and wore it with pride. My daughter said, “We’re going to have to share that because it’s too beautiful. I want to wear it, too.” I can’t wait for what she is making this year at preschool. Whatever it is, I will cherish it forever!

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sms2lstSeams to Last in Port Townsend, WA (a touristy little mecca outside of the Olympic Forest) is getting ready for a BIG bridge closure. We’re all too familiar with the bridge closures here in the San Francisco Bay Area, as the Bay Bridge, our main “crossing” to San Francisco, has been closed every Labor Day Weekend for the past three years for earthquake retrofitting. No matter where it happens, when these kinds of closures come, it can definitely create some retail headaches for local shops. But store owner Michelle seams to be rising to the challenge! She is gearing up for local shoppers and making sure she is stocked with items that will fill the needs for their little ones, so they won’t have to face the limited ferry options, or go out of their way to get them. Learn Michelle’s strategy on Seams To Last’s TV debut (and for your budding engineers who are fascinated with bridges, it’s pretty interesting to see just why they’re closing the bridge)! Best wishes to Michelle, Seams to Last and everyone affected by the Hood Canal Bridge closure the next six weeks!

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