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siennaballerina….submitted (last night) by mom and reader: Jess

Poor Sienna (15 months) has had very loose stools all week from taking antibiotics for an ear infection, and along with that pleasure comes the most horrible diaper rash I have ever seen. She was in such excruciating pain that I thought I’d let her roam free for a little before bed, figuring that with 95% tile and wood floors in our house, she shouldn’t be able to do too much damage. Never underestimate toddlers, as some of you probably know much better than I do because…

She found a nice, comfortable spot on the rug to lay a hefty turd! I didn’t see her do the deed, but my nose led me straight to the evidence. It was a clean break, which was definitely a change from her usual this week. I was so relieved and glad that I could just pick it right up with no stain, that I didn’t think to look around for any lingering mess. I thoroughly (and probably too obsessively) cleaned the spot and slapped a diaper on my little angel! A few hours later I remember my side-tracked laundry basket waiting for folding, next to the couch, on our…rug….

Too exhausted and just so ready for bed, I decided that I’d leave the folding for the morning and selectively grabbed our freshly clean (and only set of bedsheets). I scooped them up in my arms and held them to my face to smell the freshly laundered scent, as fresh, clean sheets happen to be one of my favorite things! I couldn’t smell the bounty freshness and figured it meant the poo smell was lingering in the rug and possibly permeating the rest of the house still?? I now see the flaws in my naively wishful thinking, but like I said, I love climbing into a newly made bed of fresh and clean sheets. I mustered the last stretch of energy to make the bed, and at approximately 10:45pm, I got to our bedroom and began neatly tucking the corners of the fitted sheet, when I discovered the rest of Sienna’s  “present”  smeared right in the center of the white valley of freshness!

My motherly intuition tells me that after working hard on her great release,  Sienna took a seat in the nearby laundry basket to rest. I’m writing all of you because something inside me knows this must be absolutely hilarious, and I hope that I’ll read this tomorrow morning and be able to laugh too. But after a crazy week of little sleep and nasty colds, right now I just can’t stop shaking my head and pathetically chuckling, as I sit here waiting for the sheets in the wash cycle. I did mention we don’t have a spare set of sheets, right????

Sienna and her mom in earlier and cleaner times!

Sienna and her mom, Jess, in earlier and cleaner times!

I do have to say that my one silver lining here is that I think I now have a very convincing argument to make to my dear husband  as to why we really should have a spare set of sheets!…And for little Sienna, who always keeps me smiling even when I’m beyond my point of exhaustion!

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Paul, the paint goes here...

Paul, the paint goes here...

We recently relocated our corporate showroom – and we love it! However, there is always something more to make it ‘perfect’ in every way (kind of like a home, you always want to keep perfecting the look!). We have been trying to figure out how best to ‘show off’ our beautiful collections, so we had some movable display walls built. The corporate showroom is also our ‘base camp’ during the New York Kids Shows, so we stopped in a few weeks ago while we were in town. When we saw the displays, we all decided they needed a coat of paint. So, Karen, Kristin (one of our great California inside salespeople and blogger extraordinaire), Lisa (our corporate salesperson and showroom manager) and Paul (‘da boss!) jumped right into the job.

Ahem. Well…let’s just say that Paul should probably stick to finance and overseeing the production of our beautiful clothes. He did a credible job painting – one way or the other, the new fixtures looked great with a coat of soft yellow paint – but he did an incredible job painting his shirt! Paul’s painting skills aside, the showroom really looks great – and the New York buyers love to visit us – just as we love our customers – they are the best!


Sooooo cute! A partial peek at our le•top baby collection

What can we say...there's just something so adorable about seeing baby abd kids clothes hanging up. We just love looking at them!

What can we say...there's just something so adorable about seeing our baby and kids clothes on their little hangers. We just love looking at them!

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cxengs-doggyYou have heard us say over and over about how much we love our pups here at le•top. Well, I think we have taken it to a whole new level. Cengx (pronounced Chay-ng), one of our star team members in the le•top warehouse, brought in her new puppy awhile back with a very familiar, and yet, unfamiliar, outfit on him. We all did a double-take at what he was wearing because it was none other than our le•top “fireman” coverall from a previous season, which she had cleverly redesigned into a doggy romper (of sorts)! Did I mention that we are not only creative in our designs for babies and kids, but it turns out, in our adaptations for dogs as well?!? Although you can’t buy this one-of-a-kind doggy outfit anywhere, you sure can make an attempt at morphing your baby’s outgrown le•top outfits into pet clothes. If you do, make sure to send us a picture, so we can share it with everyone!

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