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Karen, Julie (top row, left to right), Chris, Kathy, Kristin (seated, left to right)

Karen and Julie (top row, left to right). Chris, Kathy and Kristin (seated, left to right)

Better late than never: le•top wishes everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (back story to this photo to follow tomorrow!)

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Peaceful slumber in the wilderness

Peaceful slumber (for baby!) in the wilderness


Happy campers!

…submitted by Utah reader: Dawn

One of the main reasons I was afraid to have a child was my fear of having to give up things I love (for example, my husband and I love camping!). Once I got over all my fears, and we were on the road to parenting, we started to plan our first camping adventure with our 2 month old daughter. The first “trail” run was done only an hour from our house for one night. Having been seasoned campers for over 15 years, we thought, how hard can it be? Nursing child, mom and dad all in one tent – piece of cake. All went well until just before going to sleep. Our daughter “urped” (our family word for throwing up) on herself and the sleeping bag inside the tent. Panic struck my husband, and he said, “How many changes of clothing did you pack for her?” Luckily, I’d packed plenty, and we got through the night peacefully. We continued to go camping for various lengths of time and took longer road trips during our daughter’s first year. Now, eight years later, we attempt to get to the woods (or desert) for camp outs several times a year. So – my motto is to be open to trying something new with kids, because it’s not as hard as one initially thinks. Now, parenthood? That’s another story! 😉

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No, I did NOT say that!

No, I did NOT say that!

…submitted by Lynette (Walnut Creek, CA)

Back in the days when we didn’t have ultrasounds, we just had to find out our baby’s gender when s/he came out. So when Lynette gave birth to a son, her 4-year old daughter said,

Oh, good! It’s a boy. Now I have someone to marry.”

– Lizzie, age 4

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