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I can't believe I won!

I can't believe I won a Secret Contest!

We have another Secret Contest winner!

Marc C. (from Boston, MA) submitted a photo of his son for the Daily Darling page of our blog. This adorable photo got over 100 HITS IN A DAY! In fact, we love this picture so much that we use it for our “le•top Takes: Out of the Mouths of Babes” quotes.

Congratulations, little guy! THANK YOU, Marc, for reading and participating!

We have many on-going Secret Contests for different prizes. You’ll never know what the contest is (it’s a secret!), but staying involved and particiating will reveal them one by one. It could be for submitting photos, sharing a story, recipe or funny quote, or maybe…just for commenting. So, keep coming back and sharing with le•top blog because you might win just for letting us know you’re out there! Stay tuned to see what Marc won. It might be something really special from the le•top Spring 09 Collection.

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mandm5Just for the fun of it, want to guess when my baby arrives? My due date is March 28, but I could be early, late, or I could deliver on the day I’m due. Tell me your guesses in the Comments section.

1. What day will I deliver?
2. What time will I deliver?
3. What will be the baby’s gender?

Bonus Question: Guess the baby’s weight.

Good luck!

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