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Matthew Settle (Gossip Girl) and his wife Naama Nativ welcome their first child, Aven Angelica Settle on Thursday, March 5.

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mommymeIt was a little sad ending our special week together. Having tea was a very nice way to close the week though. We had a lovely, sugary-sweet meal of tea sandwiches, savories, and desserts while sipping tea or milk out of decorative, floral tea cups. Miranda really enjoyed sitting in a ultra girly room full of pink roses. I, on the other hand, was ready to jump out of my skin. Pink overload!!!!

While we waited for our elaborate plates of special treats to arrive, Miranda and I were having a little “end of the week” chat and discussing the week’s events. She was telling me how much fun it was to do things together and how she wished I didn’t have to work so we could always do things together. I was trying to hold in the tears that wanted to spill out, but I had to keep it together to say a few words. I explained to her that when the baby comes, it will be difficult for me to give her my full attention because the baby will need me a lot. I tried to assure her that I will do my best to spend time with her as much as possible. She was nodding her head, slurping her tea out of a spoon, and her eyes were glued to the kitchen waiting for the goodies to come out. Great! So much for our little heart-to-heart mother-daughter session. 🙂

I think spending this week together was very helpful for both of us. For Miranda, she is back on track. She is doing things on her own, listening and following directions, and the whining has stopped. My “old” Miranda is back! As for me, I learned that I can break away from work/my computer to spend time and delight in my daughter’s presence. The work will always be there but my precious time with my child can easily slip away if I don’t cherish it now. This week has been a good reminder of where my priorities lie. Family first!

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Jerry O'Connell holding Smarty Pants Gift and our le•top Daisy Dot dress, as seen in popsugar.com

Jerry O'Connell holding our le•top Daisy Dot dress at a pre-Super Bowl event!

Have we mentioned the secret contests we have here at le•top blog? We have them constantly! Because they’re secret, you never even know you’re in a contest until we announce the winners! We recently let Hanh P. know she was our second contest winner (she won for commenting the most within a certain time period!). One comment Hanh made was how much she loved the Daisy Dots dress that Jerry O’Connell was given for his twin daughters by Smarty Pants in Tampa, FL. So, once we found out the right size, we sent Hanh a cute red romper with embroidered white polka dots and linen striped pinafore from the Daisy Dots Collection. Accessorized with a matching hat, this adorable outfit is in stores now and available in newborn and infant sizes. Use our store locator for a retailer near you. And remember, participating and sharing with us at le•top blog might make you a winner!

Hanh's le•top secret contest prize: Daisy Dots Romper from the Spring 09 Collection

Hanh's le•top Secret Contest prize: the Daisy Dots romper (and hat) from the le•top Spring 09 Collection

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