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Nadine and her one and only (until now) Magic Blanket

Nadine with her one and only (until now) Magic Blanket

We all know how important a child’s “blankie” can be, heck back in college, TWO of my roommates still had their blankies on move-in day! So you can imagine the palpable sense of urgency in an email sent to us by a loyal rabbit moon customer in Huntington Beach, CA:

I would like to find out how I can purchase one of your pink blankets, as it was my daughters first blanket, and it became her favorite one. One she will not let go! I want to make sure that we have a backup plan in case something happens to hers!!…Please let me know!!

Nadine takes her blankie everywhere, and we mean everywhere! Poor mom is left with a very upset little girl when it comes time to give blankie a “bath”, because, according to mom, it is not just a blanket, but a “Magic Blankie” for the way it instantly soothes Nadine when she feels troubled. We were able to direct her to a new blanket so Nadine doesn’t have to go through any more crises (like bath time) without her number one sidekick. I could almost hear the big S*I*G*H of relief on mom’s end of the computer when I emailed that she was getting a back-up Magic Blankie!

You know…on days like this…we love our jobs here at le•top more than we can possibly say!

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We had a wickedly great time at the theater!

Just wanted to update my loyal blog readers because I know you all miss me. 😉

Miranda and I are having a wonderful week spending quality time together. Each day, my little girl has woken up with a smile because she knew something special was in store for her. Yesterday was a BART ride into San Francisco to see “Wicked.” She had a fabulous time, and so did I. She wore her Dorothy costume from Halloween, and I’d have to say that she practically stole the limelight. As we walked around during intermission, everyone “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” when they saw her. “Oh, she’s so adorable!” “Look at her ruby red shoes!” “Where’s Toto?” People were even asking to take her picture. It was like paparazzi! She barely batted an eye as she looked up at whomever was complimenting her, and she would give them her biggest smile. I don’t think I could get used to so much attention.

Tomorrow is another day of fun for us. By the time the weekend comes, I will be broke! (If only I could have an income but never have to work, we would both be happy.)

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654px-cutest_koalaWe dreamt of Italy last week, and this week, we’re dreaming about Australia! A good friend of the family, who is a native Aussie, was able to whisk up this fantastic deal and take her husband back home this coming September. Oh, how I would love to grab my husband and steal away to Australia! I have always wanted to go “down under” and catch a performance at the Sydney Opera House, Surf the Indian Ocean, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and chase some ‘Roos in the Outback. After watching Baz Luhrmann’s epic Australia, I really felt the pull to go… and at this price, it’s more about the lack of time than perhaps the money! If you’re able to take advantage of this great price, please share pictures of your epic adventure with us…you lucky Koala!

$655 — Australia from Los Angeles (Roundtrip)

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