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Donald Trump Jr. and wife, Vanessa, welcome their son, Donald John Trump, III, on Wednesday, Feb. 18. The couple also has a 21-month daughter named, Kai Madison.

Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

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Soft, fun Pink Leopard from le•top and exquisite detailing in Bougainvillea from rabbit moom

Adorable Pink Leopard from le•top, and exquisite detailing in Bougainvillea from rabbit moon

How do I know? Because our fourth and final le•top and rabbit moon Favorites Contest winner is Robert S., and all his favorites are obviously for a very special, and lucky, little girl! Robert’s favorites in le•top include Flower Power, My Little Garden, and Pink Leopard. In rabbit moon, Robert chose Orchid and Bougainvillea for his fashionable little girl. Congratulations, Robert! Look for an email confirming your win!

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest! We always have something special going on at le•top blog, so please contiue to read, share and join in the laughter and fun with us…you never what new contests or secret giveaways are going on here!

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jurassicIt is surely Jurassic Fantastic out here in the le•top world of Dinosaurs! Ross Gellar might not think our Dinos-in-need-of-braces are historically correct, but we sure think they’re cute! We can’t get enough of the Dino-on-the-behind two-piece and neither can our customers…they are chomping at the bit for this prehistoric era-inpsired outfit. Don’t forget to check out our great sleeveless romper, it’s Dino-rific!

1131420-21Jurassic Fantastic comes in size 3 months to 4T and is sure to please everyone, even if we are laughing as little Wadey J. scoots away with his little behind swaying to and fro! Stomp by Sweet Peas in Myrtle Beach, SC or find a store near you by using our store locator!

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expectant_couple“This is my first pregnancy. In my first trimester, I really had an awful bout of morning sickness. Now I’m 17 weeks and things are starting to feel back to normal, and my appetite has returned. The problem is, my husband is worried that I am not gaining any weight. In fact, I am the same weight as before I got pregnant. He goes to all my doctor’s appointments, he reads more pregnancy books than I do, and makes sure that all the food that I eat is healthful. I appreciate all the attention but it’s driving me crazy? What should I do?”
— Patricia (Irvine, CA)

The joys of the first pregnancy: such a special time, yet enough to drive you bananas because there is so much information to know and learn. AND, everyone seems to have an opinion about what’s best for you. It is wonderful to have such a caring and attentive husband. Not everyone shares those circumstances. He wants to be part of the pregnancy as much as possible. On the other hand, I can see how his behavior could make you go crazy. He is smothering you and not trusting your own judgement. You’re new to this as much as he is, and his actions can cause undue stress. The best advice I could give is to make sure you are both keeping the lines of communication open. Talk to him and tell him how you are feeling. If he is as caring as you say, he should be able to understand that you need some space. And if he is reading more pregnancy books than you, then he should know that women experience pregnancy in different ways. And, the same woman can experience each pregnancy differently. If he still isn’t giving you enough space, I would suggest that you talk, together, with your obstetrician to address his concerns and consider asking for a third opinion. Good luck with your pregnancy!

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