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We made it to a Super Bowl Party! As posted last week, Smarty Pants in Tampa, FL sent Jerry O’Connell our adorable Daisy Dot Dress for his new twin daughters…and here he is, holding it up! The next best thing would be to see one of his daughters wearing it, so if you spy a photo, please share it with us! Meanwhile, to get this cute dress and other outfits in the Daisy Dot Spring ’09 Collection, use our store locator to find a le•top retailer near you!

Jerry O'Connell holding Smarty Pants Gift and our le•top Daisy Dot dress, as seen in popsugar.com

Jerry O'Connell holding Smarty Pants' gift bag and our le•top Daisy Dot dress, as seen in popsugar.com

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Miranda holds her certificate with pride.

Miranda holds her certificate with pride.

Over the weekend, we went to a “Sibling Celebration” class at my hospital. My husband and I thought that it would be beneficial for Miranda (and ourselves) to go to this class as preparation for the new baby entering our lives.

In class, we watched Miranda make a friend in 5 seconds! (I admire this about her.) All kids made baby photo collages and drew pictures of their new families. (Apparently, even after the baby has arrived, I will still have a belly bump. Also, you will notice that Miranda drew herself in her le•top Pink Leopard dress. How cute is that?) The class took a little tour of the nursery where the new big brothers and sisters got a chance to see a brand new baby!

We returned to the classroom and had circle time where the teacher showed the kids how to hold a baby, change its diaper, burp the baby, etc. I thought it would make me cry to see my little girl hold the doll, but instead, I felt the exact opposite. I was beaming with joy as I watched her carefully cradle the baby. She would even tickle the doll under the chin. She was a pro! She’s going to be a magnificent big sister. It all comes so naturally to her.


Our new family

Our new family. (Miranda in her le•top Pink Leopard dress)

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layette7“My husband and I have three darling daughters. He desperately wants to have a son to pass on the family name. Can you give us some tips on making a baby boy?”
— Carol, Forest Hill, MD

I have four brothers, therefore my parents were quite successful in making baby boys. But there is no way I’m going to ask my parents about… Shhh! Whisper it… SEX. (I’d rather ask a priest or a nun.)

Here’s what I’ve found doing my own unscientific “research”:

  • We’ve learned that male sperm swim faster, so try for conception the day the woman ovulates so that there is an egg present when the male sperm reaches it.
  • A woman who eats more meat and salty snacks can increase the chances of producing a baby boy.
  • Dads-to-be need to drink up on soda.
  • Women should sleep to the left of their partners.

Share your thought with us. We would love to hear from you.

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