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You are le•top blog’s first Favorites Contest winner, Annika D.! Congratulations! (Check your inbox for an email from the editor!) Below are some outfits from the collections Annika chose as her favorites. We can’t wait to see what her final selections will be from each collection!

Zebra and Vintage Flight

Annika's favorite le•top collections: Zebra and Vintage Flight

Flight, Orchid and Bougainvillea

Three outfits from Annika's favorite rabbit moon collections: Flight, Orchid and Bougainvillea

If you have entered our Favorites Contest, you still have three more chances to win your favorite le•top and rabbit moon exclusively-designed children’s clothes. For those who have yet to enter, get your favorites in now for your chances to win our fashionable children’s clothes…then, stay tuned…every Wednesday, from now to February 18th, a new winner will be announced! This contest isn’t just for moms…c’mon dads and grammies and grampas and aunts and uncles…you’re all welcome, too! 🙂 Enter now, and good luck!

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No, I did NOT say that!

No, I did NOT say that!

I’m going to have the GIRL-cheese sandwich and Noah can have the BOY-cheese sandwich.

– Miranda (age 3)

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When my young sons were exploring the streets of Brooklyn, I couldn’t help but wonder how good crushed rock or dried dog droppings could taste when delicious mashed potatoes were routinely rejected.

Amy can teach us a thing or two about playing in dirt!

Amy can teach us a thing or two about the joys of playing outside in a field of dandelions and...dirt!

So starts one of the latest articles in the New York Times Health section. I couldn’t resist the quote, as I understand having a fussy eater can be incredibly trying! Authored by Jane E. Brody, this is an interesting and short one-page read about germs and health, and how babies (those amazing creatures!), seem to know a little more than we adults do sometimes! Read the full article here…and go play!

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