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09_32_23-saucepans-on-a-cooker_webSo what does this cooking photo have to do with pregnancy hormones? Let me tell you…

During Christmas week, I had the opportunity to catch up on my “shows” and watched the latest episode of Top Chef from my DVR queue. It was called the “12 Days of Christmas” episode and the chefs’ elimination challenge was to cater for 200-300 people. Long story short, one of the refrigerators didn’t shut all the way, so food had been sitting in a warm fridge overnight. (more…)

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Crying Santa 2

Jamee couldn’t resist submitting this photo of Miranda and one of her Santa experiences! If you have any crying Santa photos, we’d love to see them, please share!

Waaahhhh...!! Santa and Miranda (age2)

Waaahhhh...!! Santa and Miranda (age 2)

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