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Peekaboo...I see you! Spring Collection ready for shipping to stores now...yes! In the middle of winter!

Peekaboo...I (can barely) see you! Spring Collection getting readied in our warehouse for shipping to stores now. Yes! In the middle of winter!

There is something kind of exciting about the start of the New Year, isn’t there? This week (a short week of course!) I was working on the new collection for Fall 2009. I know – it is very confusing for most people – because right now our new Spring/Summer collections are appearing in stores! We are shipping cute things for spring to our retailers in all parts of the country, and very soon for summer – even though there are snowdrifts and freezing temperatures in many places!  Our warehouse is full of merchandise, but before long, it will all be spread out across the United States – ready for the change of weather that will come in a few short months!

For now – Happy New Year to all!  We are all excited for 2009 – it should be a great year!

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Mr. Twee!

It’s always a sad time for me and sweetie when we have to take down the ornaments and lights and say good-bye to our wonderfully fragrant and handsome Christmas tree. We’re hoping to keep “Mr. Twee” up for another week or so. What about you?

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Ah Lifebuoy...! photo credit TBS superstation

Ah Lifebuoy...! photo credit TBS superstation

Submitted by: Celina

Mommy…Daddy has a tail in front!”

– Sophia, age 3.

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Beaming Grandma and Grandpa at baptisim party for youngest grandson

Beaming Grandma and Grandpa at baptism party for youngest grandson

Seeing the photo of my good friend, Arlene with her granddaughter Zidi made me smile with knowing pride and pleasure. I have to admit that I’m a complete mushpot over my own grandsons. They’re fierce, precious, special and endearing in ways I find difficult to express. They are a source of unending inspiration for me in my life, but also here at le•top – given what I do for work! And don’t get me wrong – my own children are my pride and joy – but there’s just something about grandchildren! Maybe there is something to be said about the “giving-them-back-to-their-parents-at-the-end-of-the-day” aspect that allows grandparent to fully enjoy them. Now, if only all my children will produce a few more, so that I can enjoy even more! 😉 Perhaps there are grandparents out there who can better express the specialness of grandchildren – I’d love to hear your stories, so please share with us – just email them to us, and we’ll post them!

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