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toysWe know there are many organizations throughout the world that work tirelessly year round, but especially so during the holidays, to bring a sense of hope and good will to those in need. For many years, le•top has worked with one such group in our area. Attorneys For Children is a self-funded group of volunteer attorneys who become very industrious elves from August through January. They hone gift lists for shelters and other organizations that serve the homeless and indigent. They make early morning runs to purchase toys and other gifts, then sort and bag them, and then distribute the gifts late into the night, close to Christmas. They do this to ensure that homeless children have at least one new gift to open during the holiday season, and just as importantly, to let children in shelters (or otherwise in need) know that the community values them and has faith in their futures. (more…)

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picture-2My good friend Jen (from Everett, WA), mother of a 19-month old little girl, posted in her blog about how her daughter is starting to get into EVERYTHING!

Olivia, take the Christmas light out of your mouth!
Olivia, put the ornament back on the tree!
Olivia, don’t knock the tree over!
Olivia, put the toilet seat down!
Olivia, don’t touch Dozer’s water dish!

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