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Our Tech Wiz (the one who won’t “re-org” our closets) added a new feature to le•top’s store locator! This makes it really easy for you to find your nearest stores or look up stores in the cities wherechoo you might be visiting. Now, whenever you search for a store that carries le•top clothes, you can send the store’s information to your mobile phone (as a text message and mobile link), telephone, calendars, and/or email. Just look for “send to phone+” under each store, and you’ll have that information wherever and whenever you want it. So get the info where it’s most convenient for you to have — like iphones or simple text messaging phones (like mine!) — and start snapping photos of your le•top store’s holiday window display for a chance to win a $20 Starbucks gift card.

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TBS Superstation

What is it? It's "fra-gzeel-ay!" photo credit: TBS Superstation

Well…admittedly my obsession with the movie is glaringly evident (but awww, c’mon! it’s Christmas time). It’s really not a major award nor “fra-gzeel-ay” (in fact, they’re reversible and durable!). le•top’s wash puppet and bib sets are really just very sweet, super soft, super cute and ready-to-go to the lucky winners of our first photo contest: Messiest Eater. So, please come vote for your favorite. Voting begins today and ends on Dec.17th. Winners will be announced on Dec.18th!

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I am so thankful I live in a world full of cute children’s clothes, cute grandchildren, and cute kids!  (It is very difficult to take the word ‘cute’ out of our vocabulary here at le•top. We once tried to do a presentation without the words ‘little’ or ‘cute’ and we failed miserably!)

I know that in the ‘real’ world, having a ‘monkey on your back’ has a completely different meaning than here at le•top! Poor Olive – I think Dennis, our IT manager, and Christopher, our credit manager, were messin’ with Olive today!

Poor, long-suffering Olive...

Office having fun at the office! (editor's note: Poor, long-suffering Olive...!)

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