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stoneridge_20081112_000128Last week I took my daughter to see Santa Claus at the mall and get our annual photo. This is the first year she talked his ear off about how we had to go to different stores, and try on different dresses, and how she had to find the perfect dress to wear with her red, sparkly shoes. I never thought she had an obsession with fashion.

Every year, Santa asks the same ol’ question, “What would you like for Christmas?” This year my daughter animatedly and excitedly said, “CLOTHES!” And she was very specific, too. She wants play clothes: t-shirts, pants, socks, camisoles, etc. How many 4-year olds ask for clothes? (I swear, that Santa gave me the stink eye and looked at me as if I made my daughter say clothes.)

So tell us, what are your kids asking for this Christmas?

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Going to the dogs

We love dogs at le•top! Every season we have at least one group (or two or three…) that centers around betsymelisspigletdogs – but not too many people know that we have constant inspiration, right in our office!

I guess it all started oh…many, many years ago – when we got a puppy, who we named Piglet. She was technically a Christmas present for our younger daughter Melissa (who was around 5 at the time.)  Of course Piglet became part of the family – both at home and at le•top. She was so cute…but hated to be left alone. So after she chewed through numerous door casings and window sills while we were away at work, we just found it easier to bring her to the office and avoid the damage! She slept in a bed by my desk for 13 years, and knew all the people in the office who were a soft touch for a walk or a treat. (more…)

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smamichYesterday, we had to stop by Safeway to get a few essentials…and sweetie became insistent on getting bologna and Wonderbread. He said he’s been craving mustard and bolonga sandwiches for days! So, this morning we made the sandwiches which are now in foldover sandwich bags sitting on the kitchen counter, achieving room temperature by lunchtime! I was told of all the finer points of how they should be made and how they should be consumed. Gee whiz!! Then, sweetie told me a charming story about how his dad always made all the school lunches for sweetie and his 3 siblings, and how their sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper, not plastic bags. This was definitely a different kind of morning…and all before coffee! The big question remains…without being jostled and semi-crushed by an apple or orange in the confines of a brown bag, will they taste the same?

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